FlareTV went from fairly unknown to millions of subs on YouTube, by putting up a 24/7 counter of the pewdiepie vs t-series sub counter

In doing a bit of research for doing IRL streams and the ability to have a ‘control centre’ for a cloud based OBS setup (kinda what I was thinking with @steemcasting) and the ability to stream into it but also switch to an IRL rtmp stream with protection if the connect is laggy (basically switches out to a temporary scene) and just makes the switching easily between gaming and IRL.

In the process I came across this channel called ‘flareTV’ — I think he must have just been a fan of pewdiepie or something but running this live channel that ran 24/7 really helped him get subs for people wanting to see the counter each day (heck maybe lots of times per day) and wanting to chat around the content — super simple idea.

The video ‘wont’ load btw, but if you go to it you can see that it had 116 million views in it’s time that it was live, I’m not sure how long it was streaming for but to guess from the 1 September 2018 stream date I think it ran for quite some time.

— 116 million views (from stream views)
— 1.3 million likes on that video alone
— only has 19 videos on the whole account!
— 2.47M SUBSCRIBERS (crazy)

what did he do that made his stats pop?

He put up a counter live stream for the race to 100 million subs for the pewdiepie contest, ran it 24/7 for well over a year straight with a dedicated server and basically just watched the funds and subs roll in — think about it, taking the biggest you tubers on the platform chances are you gonna get a few million out of a 100 million subs actually interacting with something that supports that awareness counter.

who else is doing this?

Let’s take ‘the bootleg boy’ as an example as well, 3 million subs, 24/7 audio channel streaming lofi hip hop radio — sad & sleepy beats, currently has 1,400 people listening in.

What they do really well is call to action — listening on Spotify playlist, twitter for support, joining a community and march, relatively easy to run.

worth playing with for promotion steem?

The idea of a live stream video portal is something that really appeals to me, mainly because I love the idea of streaming something live 24/7, almost like a sandbox, with a scheduler it could be really cool —- I’d use it for gaming, tinkering, asset making, video chats, live shows and gaming anyway — if I could just make the cloud side rock solid then it could be cool.

The whole premise of @steemcasting was this anyway and I think it could work really well, I don’t see many streamers that talk about crypto currency as a side thing — plenty of ‘crypto’ you tubers but i’m not sure about it being just conversational instead of the main focus.

Once I get the cloud obs side locked down and do some 24/7 stream testing I’ll let you know what the plan is next after that.

what hardware to play with this?

Originally when I started researching this I was looking into the different platforms and devices available and trust me prices vary. I’ve pretty much priced things from raspberry pi to dedicated units and pc’s, everything in between.

Right now I’m looking at the next ‘tinkering’ phase and I think I’ll probably play with the raspberry pi 4 first because I know some people have got speedify and bonding working which appeals to me on the cost side of things.

The monthly cloud hosting is kinda expensive and I don’t have that completely locked down yet but I certainly see some kind of virtualised networking and NDi support for cameras and streaming in a variety of streams virtually — then you can do switching via web interfaces or just remote control the cloud instance itself.

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