as we cascade into november

Good morning my little blog.

It’s that time of the month again, time to recalibrate once more, fresh into another month, two full months away from a brand new year, 2020 — a time to have better vision for the future, now or never kinda situation, sink or swim, move inland, live distributed and decentralised.

Keep it moving, delegate and distribution of value in the economies of your choice, even create your own if you so please. Market fit and audience attraction, lots of chickens running around in all directions looking for voices of authority while buying food of stacked high shelves that have no protein or fibre value — research like it’s your own life skill.

You are what you eat.

For me, it’s yet another wakeup call to switch on the afterburners to get me to the finishing line, to realise that I pulled together the base layer for all my video, streaming parts, now I just need the finances to get the streaming gear and stability, that means lots of upgrades after bills are paid down, things will change, they always do, especially if you are meeting them straight down the middle.

I’ve got the next three days mapped out to build on which I’m pretty pumped about, I think I can now add maybe THREE different dapps in maybe an hour (if I do it right) and I’ve got TWENTY FIVE more to add to the fold, I was thinking of breaking that apart as an assets dapp pack and make the source layout really clean, that might make it easier for a newbie to pick and choose and add what they need?

I’m also in the process of project ‘deadwood’ I’m literally putting everything into bags and sorting out each bag at a time, I’ve got so much stuff to do something with and it’s holding me down, when I moved here I had very little stuff and certainly felt more ‘free’ — I certainly don’t like having ‘things’ hold me down and it’s like an additional thing to constantly have indexed!

My ultimate aim is to have a big ass travelling rucksack kinda thing with ‘life part two’ in there if I need to make moves quickly and to also set the mood for 2020, if I can make things fit together then I can quickly bounce into that life and start to recalibrate again — I’m certainly here for the next eight weeks to get things really moving on the media front.

That’s my christmas treat to myself ;)

__humble x

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