always be building! explaining the current features of the ;)

Good morning, lovely morning, crisp and sharp but nice, the kind of morning that fills your lungs with deep fresh cold air and makes you feel alive, that kind of morning you know?

While the supplies run low and I consider the next food move/situation I thought I’d give you a quick run down of all the things that are currently in the existing version, it’s really exciting to add the things you love and want to find easily.

STEEMGLIDER.APP — grab it here for android and iOS ;)

This is perfect for going to networking places or to show people ‘what you do now’ kinda thing if you’ve not seen them in a while. I don’t actually know of many other products out there that have something similar, maybe I need to start doing these apps for all blockchains ;)

So let’s get into the walkthrough, I made a bunch of photos last night so I want to explain each page as you step through the app, thanks to the 100 unique people who have tried it so far, don’t forget you can add your own social profile in to the app — the app works on android and iOS ;)

the powerful steem search

The main feature of the app, all of the unique steem dapps in one place and not just a search but even if you just select one you can see other applications that are related to it — for instance if it’s a frontend. I am working on related categories and hoping to get really granularly on that so it might be part of say up to five categories. It’s just for expose really and that simple but efficient play on peoples want to swipe and be nosey ;)

inside the ‘burger menu’ three lines

You might miss this if you only gave it a quick swipe and thought that was all this application was, search. It’s not, it’s gonna be WAY more than that — in this menu I’ve broken it down into links for the newbie.

learn about steem

I kinda imagine you might be at an event or a mixer, maybe a blockchain convention and you can quickly show people that the app has links that they can go and discover in their own time to find out more about steem.

The t-shirt section is a bit of a demonstration really of the integration with Stripe, sure it’s a fiat only implementation and full steem payments would be better (plus we need to email/comment back to get your sizing) but it does work and I want to improve on that.

steem digital store

The digital store part is a part I’m especially pleased with, I kinda went in on this because it’s a good place for people to directly see the digital assets that i/we make and again people can pay for them here — the only difference is that you can buy with fiat, gumroad or even steemconnect, it’s a bit crude of an implementation but it works and it’s good awareness.

Eventually I’d like the steem payment part, the gateway to be a lot more integrated so you can do steem keychain or something similar — ideally you want that down to a few clicks, would it not also be awesome if that tweeted when you made a sale and accepted steem for it!

steem events globally

I’ve updated a few events but really this could be a full time entry job for someone, I’ve opened this section up for the ability to add your own event in and put in support for 3words as well, again, I think this could be valuable going into 2020 for steem to really take off.

add in your own social profile

Pretty cool resource I think, imagine if this had 10,000 peoples profiles in, that would be incredible and really show the reach of the steem blockchain, right now, we only have 3 ;)

I guess I could put them in manually and I might do that at some point in my spare time for blogs that I read or people that others should follow. Again, you are free to add in your own here, you can even select and upload an image from your mobile, pretty sweet.

Of course I went a bit extra with the customising of my image with masks, you can buy that layer mask picture pack in the digital steem store ;)

the about tab

This is really to show you the latest version, how far the app has progressed from finished and some hot links to our stuff, even a little audio update. I’m looking at adding audio everywhere in the application as well and maybe some dedicated podcasts for the steem blockchain network — we really should have a podcast for the chain.

oh yeah, and steemconnect payments.

I think I might be able to do something kinda cool with the steemconnect transfer url, maybe build in support for say ‘consulting’ time with a steemian, literally put in your steem name and build out the url with your name populated in the field and the amount of steem you want to be paid per hour, could be a nice little add-on to the app.

Hope you enjoyed this little walk around as much as I did making it, again, thank you for the hundred people using it and I can’t wait for the twitter, youtube ads to kick in and start promoting it too. If you have any suggestions for features or want to help the project feel free to drop me a message below in the comments.

Peace and Love!
__humble x


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Highly rEsteemed!

This looks AWESOME! Android only though right?


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both ios and android.

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