Playing around with different video quality/display — tested twitter, wistia, youtube and

So it’s a brand new month and I’m determined to use my new little steem dapp content maker OBS layout fully, before I do I’m getting back into things today again thou as I want to learn some of the new column layout stuff, it’s really powerful and I think I can add a lot more value to the experience with additional data inside of menus.

So I’ve been having this weird video quality issue with twitter and I think today (after it was totally fine) I think I realise what it is, it’s my double ip vpn, I think there is an issue with reporting back to the server on twitter my actual internet speed so it gives me some low quality version — thankful that you are seeing that at full quality.

So I did a bit of a test then with wistia, expecting the quality to be a million times better and giving me all the advanced features like turnstile, password, call to action etc, just a few of the awesome features of using wistia for social sharing, I could also share a copy to YouTube which is pretty slick.

As a test I embedded that YouTube version into twitter and unfortunately it does not play 4:3 YouTube videos back properly, maybe it’s something happen with wistia sending in 16:9 mode, I could try uploading native to YouTube to see if that fixes up but for now it’s either upload to wistia and social share or just straight upload to twitter.

The benefit of sending straight to twitter is that I’m presuming the video will show up in video ads, i really want to start using that to automatically promote the videos so that people can discover ampsteem and some of the courses I’ve made over on skillshare, udemy and YouTube.

I’m not sure what will do with the playback embed but let’s give it a go, I gave it a 4:3 square thumbnail image as well, either way, pumped to be posting videos daily about dapps on the steem blockchain!

Peace and Love x


p.s -- so update, just took the 4:3 image and made it 16:9 in the middle and i don't know what happened to the video, heheh, it's always a good idea to test your platform to see what happens!

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