Keystone Comic Con 2019 Cosplay Music Video

Reed Pop brought Keystone Comic Con to Philly again. An even better turn out than last year and the cosplayers stepped up their game too with the inclusion of The Keystone Championships of Cosplay! Looking forward to what year three will bring to the city of Brotherly Love!

All cosplayers are listed. If you like their content, make sure to follow the links and give them a follow!

00:09 - Jane Dennery

00:13 - Sarah Chu and Nikki Gee

00:21 - Sarah Chau

00:29 - Retired Wonder Woman

00:40 - Cosplay Crafter

00:49 - Cobalt Cosplay (cover thumbnail)

00:55 - Alecia Harmon

01:03 - NY Ton Stark and Shannon Rona

01:11 - Lua Stardust

01:18 - Chris K

01:26 - Marta G

01:30 - Trish

01:41 - KT

01:49 - Sarah Chu

01:56 - Jen Goldstein

02:00 - Monica Tulay

02:08 - Resa Cosplay

02:16 - Nikki Gee

02:23 - Broke Cosplay

02:30 - Paladins of Cosplay

02:38 - SusieQ

02:46 - Bree Fair

02:53 - Broke Cosplay

02:57 - Frank Bedo

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Love watching these videos. Some of the costumes are brilliant and looks like a great event. I kind of want to go myself now.

25.08.2019 23:01

Where are you at? I'm certain there's at least some sort of con in your area. They all don't have to be the giant ones like NYCC and San Diego.

26.08.2019 00:10

Ireland. It's not a huge thing over here. They do one one in Dublin every year but that's the other side of the country.

26.08.2019 00:13

Check out Kingdom Comic Fest it's southwest of Limerick, unless you live further in the north, and then that doesn't help much lol. Otherwise, it's definitely worth the trip to try to do it once to see how a good sized can be. I'd suggest MCM Dublin. They have always done a big show in England, so I'd have to assume it's a good sized con in Ireland too.

26.08.2019 05:21

Not that far away. Ireland is so small that nowhere is really a long distance. It's a small enough town but could still be a big show. I'll take a look at it properly, thanks.

26.08.2019 10:47


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25.08.2019 23:02

Thanks so much!

26.08.2019 00:11

Great video! First time I get to see one from an event I was at! I didn’t even realize you were there until I saw @blewitt mention it in one of his posts. I had a great Saturday there. I’m hoping Keystone keeps growing year over year.

26.08.2019 01:14

He did mention you were there too. And glad you liked it! It was definitely an improvement from last year. So hopefully it continues to grow.

26.08.2019 05:22

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

26.08.2019 14:46

Haha, brilliant. @blewitt pointed me here so I could see my favourite (Wonder Woman pensioner) in action. Cool video and cool post!

27.08.2019 15:03

Glad you liked it!

28.08.2019 08:25