Giveaway contest ended with rewards worth 740 STEEM

Hello wanderers, my name is Thamrog Bottlebringer, I am a dwarf and the keeper of TavernGames.

The giveaway contest prepared by TavernGames Contest with Over 840 STEEM of rewards Concluded

All of our main prizes go to the 3 winners, but also 2 others will be generously rewarded!

So, congratulations to our 5 lucky winners!

Thank you all who have participated in this contest.

Below you will find details of the winners and their prizes:

1st place (worth 325 STEEM): 3rd place (worth 105 STEEM): @tsnaks

@technicalside entry:
@tsnaks entry:

We haven't said the last word yet. Follow our profile and join our game to take part in the next competitions!

Soon a new guest will arrive to the tavern, so you can play a new game with him!

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06.01.2020 11:30

It should

08.01.2020 22:50


09.01.2020 15:11

Thamrog Bottlebringer, thank you for your dedication!

06.01.2020 11:33

No problem! You deserved your win. Enjoy :)

06.01.2020 11:55

The first winners name is spelt incorrectly.. It took me to another steem profile. Haha but I geuss that's OK still

06.01.2020 13:24
06.01.2020 13:30

Hi thanks broh👌👍... And also I didn't get time to thank you for the rewards earlier.. So thanks alot bud. And also to you @kingscrown mad respect for all your the last 2 weeks with your competitions.

06.01.2020 19:29

It's ok. Enjoy your reward! Let it make you rich! :)

06.01.2020 19:36

thanks it was fun!

08.01.2020 01:18

Thanks @kingscrown :)

08.01.2020 11:47

I just started playing

12.01.2020 06:51

Good luck and have fun! We hope you'll stay for long with us! :)

12.01.2020 10:09