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My Actifit Report Card: July 9 2019

Bahbahras Actifit Post

Good evening everyone, I am sharing a few shots taken today with my iPhone for my Actifit post, Well I must say Bahbahra wasn’t happy that we didn't go for a walk yesterday so she decided to hijack this post tonight and share her activity today.

Bahbahra this morning felt the need to get out and about and get some fresh air, so she dragged JJ to the 6 subway train and got off at 77th Street and Lexington, Bahbahrah felt that $2.75 was a bit expensive for such a short ride, but luckily she was able to sneak under the turnstiles and didn’t pay, but JJ is a bit big for that so duly paid for his ride


Iphone XS
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A note from JJ

For those that have asked why I don’t do Selfies on my actifit posts ever, this post is all selfies so I consider that challenge met :)

Bahbahrah got a little lost so decided to try and phone for help, she said no matter how big ( or small) you feel you are there is never anything wrong for asking for help.


Iphone XS
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Alas the phone headset is a little big for her to pickup but she was determined and had a destination in mind and she forged on

A block or so later she saw the light and knew she was heading to where she wanted to go


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The Children’s Gate, now JJ did not know if he could enter here, but Bahbahra said with her petite size she needed an adult with her so in they went

Now Bahbahrah is indeed very petite one may even say small, and not to fast you could say they were moving at a snails pace, but she was proud she was moving faster than this snail


Iphone XS
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As this next shot shows Bahbahra was getting hungry by this stage so she asked this character to share some of its food, but she was not happy at all when he just ignored her.


Iphone XS
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Bahbahrah knows to be better prepared for her next walk and to pack a snack and a drink to have along the way

By this time JJ was nagging a bit saying time was ticking on, (well he was actually saying I’m late I’m late for a very important date, but Bahbahra did not get the significance of that) and he had a meeting he had to get to, So Bahbahrah stopped to check the time.


Iphone XS
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So Bahbahra decided to spread up things and ask this gentleman for the directions to what she wanted to see in the park, She initially thought this character was as Mad as a Hatter when he just said step back,


Iphone XS
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But step back she did quite a few steps for a little sheep like Bahbahra , and then she saw what she was looking for


Iphone XS
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She had heard how cool the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture is in Central Park and now she had finally seen it for herself and was quite impressed, and insisted on that one last Selfie with her with Alice and friends

PS If you haven't seen a Bahbahra post before she is a little fridge magnet about an inch tall, which I picked up in a souvenir shop many years ago who likes to make an appearance every now and again

And thats all folks!

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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