STOP PLAGIARISM NOW CONTEST, 10 Days, Day 7, Rewards 50 Steem

Let's Help Steemit true Bloggers come out on the Surface and Show the Real Quality

Everyone can take part in the Competition. It is important that we help Steemit Community to be cleaned of Plagiarism and in that way real original blogs will be valued.

Let's do the job and make Steemit Content that:
= Will be valued
= Will be Original
= Will be Clean
= Let's Gather all different bloggers
= Let's Gather bloggers writing on different topics sport, life, blockchain, love, health, art, other...

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Ending plagiarism Contest is a Contest that has to contribute to making Steemit a perfect place for writing for every person that wants to write. Let's make Clean content, content free of copying and help people understand that copying is insulting other original people's work & post.

Competition Conditions

  1. Every Steemit Blogger can take part in the Ending Plagiarism Contest
  2. Find a plagiarised content - Post on Steemit that is plagiarism
  3. Find the original text/post which was copied in plagirized post on Steemit
  4. Make a post with explanation Showing Post on Steemit that is plagiarism and original text/post which was copied in plagirised post on Steemit
  5. Post should be in English
  6. Post Your post link as comment in this post
  7. Post Your post in Steem schools Community

Let the Best Wins

I want to thank to all Steemians that helped Steemit become a Blog with a lot of excellent content and least possible plagiarism as well as through Steemit heroes:

Community Mosquito Squishers

Let's Steem On...Steemit Perfection of Blogging

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