Tsarskoye Selo in black and white


This is a continuation of my story yesterday about a walk in Tsarskoye Selo. Yesterday I showed color photographs, today I want to show black and white. Although, it is worth recognizing that this division is rather arbitrary, in winter there are few colors in color photographs.










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Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 3
Location Tsarskoye Selo, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Спасибо за публикацию качественного контента о России.

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23.01.2020 02:54

What beautiful photographs, where in each pixel that romantic image is captured that only black and white photography can provide. For a beautiful park, which I would like to see someday. But I am very struck by the kind of tower of the second exhibition. What is it about?. Could you tell me something about him and satisfy my curiosity? Thank you very much, friend @tadt

19.03.2020 13:59

Thank you very much! This is a very interesting building, a ruin tower. I found a few more photos of this tower and now I'm writing a post about it.

20.03.2020 02:30

Thanks, I'll see with interest

20.03.2020 10:41

Dear friend, first of all, thank you very much for the detail of quenching my curiosity. I agree with you in the color of the painting, which possibly subtracts that nostalgic and romantic appeal with which I understand it was designed. I find it very interesting what you are saying about following the model of the ancient Turkish towers, because for centuries the Turkish influence in Europe was particularly intense. Gardens are always fascinating, especially when they are made with this type of element. The great architect Antoni Gaudí was fascinated by buildings in ruins or in semi-ruins and he found inspiration in them, because somehow, they combined that Byzantium syndrome that the poet Gabriel Celaya sang, which is nothing more than the ineffable step of the weather. Beautiful photographs and a beautiful place that I would like to visit someday. Hugs

21.03.2020 08:09