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Your weekly choice

Tell us about your favorite restaurant. Your memories of loved ones, a beloved place, especially a dining place, tend to stay with you in your loneliest hours.
How about introducing us to your best restaurant of the week, an old favorite, or a great new discovery?


International franchises and takeaway services will not be included in the contest, but local franchises are welcome. Please follow @tasteem on Steemit and read the contest rules.

Visit Tasteem Discord for more information about the additional Tasteem Global contest rules:


This contest has ended with a total prize of $366.72

The Winner @sinochip

Fusion Italian
Reward : $20.91 + 2.675 SBD


Runner-Up @davidke20

Average is the new good
Reward : $12.23 + 2.006 SBD


Runner-Up @devyleona

Our Favorite Noodle for the Lunch
Reward : $12.81 + 1.338 SBD


Congratulations to all the Contest Winners! We'd also like to thank all the curators who took part. You've all been a great help in improving Tasteem, and we'd love to have to back!

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