The power of invisibility on Steem

A lot has happened on Steem, and I don't just mean in the last week. The entire history of the life of the blockchain from even before it produced its first block has been embroiled with drama. Ninja-mines, hyper-inflation, bidbots, hardfork freezes, AI-generated content abuse and a plethora of community-sourced hoopla, has "plagued" the last four years.

Yet, here we are.

While for many of the users these things have left scars on the memory, the truth is that for many more, there is no memory of them at all. As while the importance of the process to deal with and overcome a lot of the issues consumes many of us, others do not care and just keep doing what they are doing, often oblivious to what is going on at the governance level or, the fighting of abuse levels.

While ignorance is bliss, there are generational factors to consider also, as while much of the drama can be found on chain to make up a rich history of Steem, one would have to actually look to discover and dig to understand. Most, won't even know to start, others can't be bothered even if they know to look.

I liken this invisibility of history to the Tweet a few years ago when Rhianna and Kanye West released FourFiveSeconds together with Paul McCartney. There were Tweets saying things like,

While many might laugh at this, remember that you may also be a little longer in the tooth than the those writing these tweets. The further a generation is away from events, the less they are going to know about, let alone be consciously affected by them. It doesn't mean they aren't affected.

On Steem, the many hurdles of the past have been dealt with in various ways with constant adjustment going on. While each shift is imperfect, each adds to the conversation and evolution of the blockchain to add new layers to improve the experience - but at this early stage, it can very much be, one step forward, two steps back. Yet sometimes, it could be in leaps and bounds forward. As long as development continues.

As necessity is the mother of invention, challenge is a driver of need, and Steem has faced and faces many challenges. Eventually one might be unbeatable, but I do not think that we are there yet and even if we are, there are always options to go forward. A dead blockchain doesn't kill a lively community.

But, let's say that we are able to overcome the current challenges and move forward - there are going to be many open woulds and this being the community it is, many will never let sleeping dogs lie and will forever bring this period up in conversation. Much of this behavior is pain based, as pain sears the memory well. Much of it is also ego based where people want to talk about their glory days when thy felt relevant, Like Al Bundy quarterbacking at Polk High.

Yet, the new generations will not remember these "glory days" and have no interest in what went on in the past, even though it is because of these times that they are able to do what they do, to live as they do. What they will be interested in is what they can do now, whenever their now will be, and what will become important to them is whatever challenges they face in that future today. They will have to deal with their own issues, their own abusers, their own attempts to limit their experience and control their freedoms.

Of course, we need to secure their future, now. If we don't, they will not have a future on this blockchain, in the same way that if we pollute this earth by not being aware of our impact and allowing bad actors a free-run to extract value and dump their waste, future generations will not exist.

These are challenges of the real world and one of the great things about Steem is that much of it mimics reality, encased in its own ecosystem, one that allows for a great deal of experimentation through trial and error. These diverse experiments are made possible because it is decentralized, meaning that many users can act locally and still add value globally, or extract as the case may be.

I believe that the next wave of massive development is going to come through Smart Media Tokens, as they will not only empower many communities, but they will be able to test a large range of economic variables to suit different purposes or, test multiple on the same use case. This economic experimentation would be able to add value to all corners of Steem as there will be an expansion and then a concentration through a dynamic survival of the fittest process, much like organic evolution.

Steem is a digital representation of us moving and breathing as individuals and as a community, and as we grow, it grows with us, like the bones in our body. The difference is, it needn't ever weaken, as its limbs can be cast off and discarded even as new branches are growing.

And in the roots, it will be recorded, yet future users will never need see it as they will be onboarded through communities powered by Steem, yet not on Steem. They will be the ever-changing skin that stretches and flexes across the bones, with the applications being the muscles to make their movement possible. They will not care where the energy comes from, as long as they can breath in the potential and have the space to run free.

It all sounds idealistic, doesn't it? But, what is stopping us from creating this unlimited digital landscape other than ourselves, our egos and our greed? Over the years, we have faced many challenges as a community that is made up of a shifting set of participants - but as with all of humanity, the largest challenge and threat to our survival; is us.

Despite our future invisibility, what we do now is important.

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06.03.2020 18:35

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06.03.2020 18:35

One of the nice things about Steem Block Chain, is the ability of people to be able to show the past. Short term memory loss, historical memory loss, can be negated by those that have the tools and the ability to show that history, to refresh that lost memory. Will people want to look back to see where we were and what direction we are going? Hopefully Steem Block Chain can build a community that will care about the past, will use it to see the course we are on and to set course corrections if needed/wanted by the community.

So much of the walking world's societies no longer care about the past, no longer look to the future and no longer have an idea on how to make a course correction. With Steem Block Chain being world wide, we have a real chance to build the next society and to transfer our digital reality to walking reality.

06.03.2020 18:53

There is a pretty famous quote about what happens when failing to remember the past. At least from this moment on the blockchain, there isn't that excuse. However, it does seem that we have failed to remember the past in the current society.

With Steem Block Chain being world wide, we have a real chance to build the next society and to transfer our digital reality to walking reality.

The crossover potential is huge.


06.03.2020 20:43

I remember a long time ago watching some interviews/clips with Dan Larimer referring to a vision of the Steem blockchain as a "repository of information" that would be kept as a record for the future... whether it be technical analysis if Bitcoin, the best ever recipe for Tacos, or a philosophical discussion of the importance of meditation.

Ideals are beautiful, but has a sad tendency to get derailed by human nature which can be a very ambiguous and fickle thing.

We now have this generation to allude to, whose primary concern is "MY life. Now." with little natural (or learned) curiosity about how they got where they are, perhaps because they had "Snowplow Parents" and thus have never had an actual cause to critically assess the reality of their surroundings. Including memories of "glory days" because they were sheltered from experiencing obstacles that needed to be overcome "against all odds."

I'm currently selling off a bunch of "old family stuff" on eBay because our adult kids (27, 31, 32) have clearly expressed that they have no interest. And so, rather than have these meaningful relics end up in a garage sale for 50 cents, we let them go now so at least we can "translate" them into funds to have more enjoyable experiences now.

Hopefully, there will be a Steem blockchain 50 years from now, where our by then middle-aged grandchildren can come back and read about life as it existed, when their grandparents were alive... is that "ego?" Or is it merely leaving a trail of breadcrumbs on the pages of history...

06.03.2020 20:11

Since childhood, I have recognized the future dangers of what is termed here, snowplow parenting. I think it might be because I didn't have that "luxury", but had the opportunity to sit alone and observe those who did.

And so, rather than have these meaningful relics end up in a garage sale for 50 cents, we let them go now so at least we can "translate" them into funds to have more enjoyable experiences now.

It can be more than that.
About a decade ago, my wife took a child's competition ballroom dress to a flea market. The dress was hand made and worth around $2000 dollars. She put a $15 price tag on it. We were there cleaning the table and a woman in her 20s happened to look at it and made a call, saying she had found the perfect dress. My wife's face sank as she realized it was likely going to be used as a prop for a hen's night. My wife said to the woman, it is a lovely dress and it had served well through many competitions. And the woman was even more excited and said - "it is my little sister's first competition and this will be her first dress and we couldn't afford to buy new. We didn't think we would find one at all."

Who knows, new cherished memories could be created.

is that "ego?" Or is it merely leaving a trail of breadcrumbs on the pages of history...

Both I'd say. We all think that who we are is important enough to leave a trace off us for our children to know. Since early on I have been openly putting messages to my daughter on the blockchain, just in case.


06.03.2020 20:59

I am new to the platform but it seems to me that Justin Sun has tried to handle himself as speculators do in many countries with normal currencies, especially the dollar in less developed countries.

It is no accident that these countries are the most economically punished in which Steemit has gained a significant boost. For them it represented a real salary.

And this Justin Sun knows. Believing that with false promises would attract the attention of so many people who need that money.

Justin Sun is not interested in the future of #Steemit. He is only interested in the fact that the union with #TRON is profitable from every point of view. Only that.


06.03.2020 21:11

Well written. So many users have grown with this platform and I truly hoped it would not go the way of my old platform, Rabadaba that used to pay pretty decent. The owners misappropriated funds, made promises they failed to keep and stole a lot of users money. They billed themselves as the first paying social media site....and sold us out for greed. Many contributors failed to get paid for a lot of work done losing a large amount of promised payment. The platform went belly up and this site has lasted the longest for me.
I love the platform and community but this newest betrayal by Ned was actually something I have been bracing for since my start here. Its unfortunate that people become overcome with greed and sabatoge a good thing.

06.03.2020 21:49

The owners misappropriated funds, made promises they failed to keep and stole a lot of users money.

One of the many problems with centralization.

Its unfortunate that people become overcome with greed and sabatoge a good thing.

These days, it is hard to build a community out of people who believe they don't need one.


06.03.2020 22:33

You're exactly right. Thank you for the engage tokens.

06.03.2020 23:40

You are not a retard. Thank you.

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07.03.2020 10:40

lols :D

07.03.2020 11:19

I tried really hard to have something intelligent to say about what you actually wrote.

But I feel kinda dumb right now so all I got is that the photo of the tree is pretty epic XP

07.03.2020 12:57

Well... I don't know if I have to thank you for this post...
I was already feeling old, but after reading it I'm feeling like a relic 😉

07.03.2020 13:12

So well written here and it is said that man is his own worst enemy.
Many of the new generations don't know history, but for sure they will repeat the same painful lessons.

Unless and it's a BIG unless, they take a different road and discard firstly greed that will slowly start to erode the ego problem.
The old adage of you are what you think presents manifold problems with the new generations having the benefit of advanced IT accessibilities!
It teaches a reliance on electronics instead of on the self.

A simple question here my friend?
What would happen if the world's Internet is shut down?
Sheer pandemonium methinks.
Today, humbleness is seen as a sickness.
I don't even want to start on explaining about the gradual disappearing mode of kindness by the me, me, me factor!

Written by a guy that has spent half his life in charity work.

07.03.2020 22:18