New: Dawn, Day, Steem

Well, that was a nice little break - did you go for a walk, get some fresh air? Well that is okay if you didn't. Were you a bit worried?

While I can't speak for what went on behind the scenes, I would like to thank they people in the discord chat, @whatsup, @soyrosa, @themarkymark, @inertia, @midlet, @mindtrap, @crimsonclad, @steemitqa and whoever else I am forgetting for staying calm and having some fun with the situation. Last hardfork I was getting pulled into groups with a lot of screaming people winding each other up into a mob-fuelled frenzy...

But, besides the hiccup (which is a kinda funny glitch, but I am not qualified enough to explain it and you will ear soon enough), the first 30 minutes after hardfork 21 went live looked very promising because, downvotes happened. And the are still happening as the chain starts up again and people are able to post and cast their votes.

Newsteem is looking good

While it is going to take some time to see what actually is going on, I saw some of the most invested accounts on the platform downvoting some of the longest standing over-rewarded posters. It is going to be interesting to see how vote buying behaviors change when there are going to be some quite hefty losses on those posts. They have likely been doing it for long enough that they can wear a few losses, but a few more and that will shift them.

A lot of people are scared of the downvotes, but most people aren't actually going to take too many, especially while there is so much downvote bait in the Trending sections, plagiarism and spun content. At least for a while, most of the stake is going to be kept busy.

My hope is that over time the downvoting not only normalizes as a common practice of platform hygiene, but the need for it decreases due to its prevalence. At the moment, one doesn't have to look very far for a target, maybe later those targets will be harder to find as people adjust to treating the platform and the community with some respect, rather than a greedy money grab for every possible cent.

It is hard at this point to see much change with the economics of course as it has only just started to take an effect, but in the next few days there should be posts that are having their rewards returned to and then redistributed again from the reward pool. The coming days will also show how the curve is affecting under current conditions and this too will be affected by what is returned through the downvotes. I also hope that those who have some stake start actively curating posts again and directing the returned Steem on to those who deserve it.

These hardforks are fun to participate in because there are always a host of changes that impact and create conditions that were not necessarily expected. Some of these surprises are negative, some positive - but for those who keep their eyes and minds open, there are always possibilities.

Isn't it nice to see hardwork turn into hardfork?

The chain has been stagnant for so long now and while I watched the downvotes happen after all of the talk of hardfork 21, it made me smile. This is nothing about "being mean", it is about taking responsibility for the conditions of the community and while some people might not agree with downvotes, I hope that there are more people who agree that rewards should go to those who deserve them.

Who deserves them? Well, that is about the supply and demand of content as a service, as entertainment, as valuable information, as attractive drawcard and as the kind of stuff that someone can read and say, "If I had the possibility to tip this person, I would".

The brilliance of having Steem Power is that we have the ability to tip these people forever, how much that tip is worth is based on how much Steem Power one has and, the price of Steem. I think that while the development over the last 1.5 years has been fantastic, I feel that the code of the blockchain is maneuvering into a position that empowers it and, all the development and applications to come. We are far from mass adoption readiness, but 3 seconds at a time we creep closer.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a #newsteem

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Edit: You can check your downvoting mana on (just change to your username)

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Already casted two downvotes on trending. Maybe if everybody now starts to responsibly and carefully downvote shitposts on trending, bidbots will finally get less attractive.

27.08.2019 22:18

Did it feel good?

I was testing the voting Mana and have done about 6x100% down :D the trackers don't seem to track it yet. I got a couple in before the chain went down.

27.08.2019 22:20

Interesting, I thought we only have 2x100% downvotes a day? ps. yes, felt good ;)

27.08.2019 22:28

there are 2.5 a day. It doesn't stop you from down voting more, it just means it burns voting Mana, like it did before. so there are 2.5 "free" and then it starts to cost again.

I am glad. There is something satisfying about it when justified.

27.08.2019 22:33

very exciting to see how the downvote pool and the other changes will effect rewards, behavior, and quality eventually.

27.08.2019 22:38

I agree as it has the potential to dynamically shift behaviors in many ways and while people focus on the downvotes, there is also going to be new possibilities for earnings.

27.08.2019 22:40

Looks like flags are certainly flying so far. It could be built up frustration or start of a new trend. It will be interesting to see the extent of the increase in manual curation. I haven't noticed much of a difference from the new rewards curve so far. Whatever the case, we need to observe how things develop over the next few months.

Oh yeah, happy HF day.

27.08.2019 22:24

It could be built up frustration or start of a new trend.

Seeing who some of the flags were cast by, they aren't the type to do it out of frustration.

I haven't noticed much of a difference from the new rewards curve so far. Whatever the case, we need to observe how things develop over the next few months.

I think this is going to take time to really notice as it has to shift things around. there were millions of SP in stake casting downvotes today, and they get more tomorrow, and the day after. I hope the energy continues until it is seen as part of the process of living on steem.

Happy HF to you too.

27.08.2019 22:28

Building the future is hard work, and having a ringside seat to watch it happening is pretty darn exciting!

27.08.2019 23:24

Not only ringside, we can get in the ring too here :)

28.08.2019 07:20

I watch the devs from the sidelines, but you are so right about all the opportunities to be in the ring!

28.08.2019 14:03

Happy HF and and even happier decline of HF blog postS. I was lucky to only experience a slight delay in steem monsters. Other then that it has been smooth sailing.

This new HF makes me want to find more ways to power up so I can have more of an influence in time.

Owell, I can still down vote if nessasary.

27.08.2019 23:29

Happy HF and and even happier decline of HF blog postS.

There are going to be a few more to come and these ones will be more interesting as they are based on data, not predictions.

28.08.2019 07:21

I think I could read a few more once the dust settles and we have a better understanding of how this new hf is working.

28.08.2019 08:55

What, steemmonsters worked during the issue time? Should've tried it.

28.08.2019 07:53

Not sure what all happened during the main switch but Iloggedd on around 4pm. the only issue I had was a glitch that acted as if I had already completed my daily battle. Thankfully this was fixed within an hour and I was able to complete the battles for that day.

28.08.2019 09:36

Glad we could keep your spirits up! def. stop in the discord anytime it was good talking with you.

27.08.2019 23:44

It was fun, thank you for the company.

28.08.2019 07:23

Sometimes I think we could do more to avoid problems, but also... I have to say when things are down it is great to see the team work in action.

28.08.2019 00:01

It really was depressing in some of the chats last time, but last night it was more like a group of people drinking in a storm :D

28.08.2019 07:22

Well to be fair I probably had a bigger reaction last time. :)

We goof around a lot, 3 years in, it's hard to get upset over every little thing.

28.08.2019 18:03

There are way too many little things and I have far too little upset in me.

28.08.2019 20:32

A shorter feed to catch up on which is a good break. I have yet to get to the computer to see how the downvotes look! I am seeing some impacts to payout values though that seem concerning. Next week we will see the comparisons pretty quickly.

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28.08.2019 00:07

As the numbers roll in and if the downvotes keep taking out posts, it will improve payouts in two ways. Firstly, it will put more back into the pool and then, it will hopefully curb buys at that level on crap.

28.08.2019 07:23

Are we posting again? Let's get it then. Earnin' cream with #newsteem.

28.08.2019 01:02

Let's see how it all goes

28.08.2019 07:20

do you use downvotes?
no problems with those authors then?
though I think they wil be afraid to become your enemy because of your experience here;)
I see many posts about using downvotes and necessity of it even, but I don't want to start any wars here.
what's your opinion?

28.08.2019 01:29

I'm on another platform that doesn't have downvotes. I occasionally see someone posting a photo or something that they found online, and people assuming the best think they created it and upvote them, and there is nothing that can be done. This irks me no end XD

On the bright side that site also doesn't seem to have a functioning wallet (the stuff collects and you can see your balance but you can't do anything with it).

I tend to just ignore things I don't like, but will absolutely get downvote happy if I stumble over thievery on my rambles :)

28.08.2019 07:42

I'm the same, while I think the free downvotes is an amazing idea, I don't want to start wars. What to do?

28.08.2019 07:52

My 2 downvotes last night probably took the whole chain down... But seriously, what if we had 10x or 100x users? Are we really ready to scale?

28.08.2019 04:29

It wasn't the amount of downvotes, it was a calculation on "one massive" downvote that went outside the bounds of what was "possible". The patch corrected the error and we should be good now, as far as I know.

I don't think we are ready to scale as a community, but as a chain it should be okay. :)

28.08.2019 07:20

I just looked at @chbartist page and downvotes really work! He stopped posting about 25 days ago when downvotes totaled about 7 Steem...

I think this should completely sort out posts from people that the community does not value :) (I just hope people won't abuse this...)

28.08.2019 07:33

The free Downvotes feature is the most attractive HF21 feature. I think it'll increase the number of users on the platform but only time will tell.

28.08.2019 07:50

I am hoping that it will bring in enough dynamic movement into the community that people will want to participate again. The more that participate, the more that will arrive.

28.08.2019 09:50

Currently eSteem's ESTM coupled with their boost system will make me read/comment more frequently on others posts so I can earn more points. That's one person with increased engagement this month.

Though it's hard to predict what the HF21 results will be so we'll see in time.

28.08.2019 12:02

'It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a #newsteem'

Got inspired by Muse I guess? Great song.

Just did my first 2 DV's under HF21 and it was ... Feeeeeeling Good.

28.08.2019 07:50

28.08.2019 09:48

Just logged in a short while ago. Seen one flag in comments - the one thanking you for showing appreciation for improved communications.

Clearly a statement being made to "the team". We'll see how it goes after the shoe breaks in.

28.08.2019 08:26

Nah, that person has been flagging the blockchain for many months with the same group of alts.

28.08.2019 09:46