Betterlife Dairy Game(25February 2021)

Today is Wednesday
Assalamu Alaikum. Hi friends how are you all I hope you are well, I am well too. I am a student. Every student needs to have a regular routine. So I follow my daily routine. I still can't fully follow my routine. I try to follow my routine every day.




  • I wake up at 7am every day. I woke up and sat in bed for five minutes. Then I went to the washroom and was not fresh. Then I have a cup of tea. After tea I study a little. In the meantime, my mother made breakfast.

Morning 9am



  • Then my mother brings breakfast for me. I eat breakfast and then get ready to go to coaching. I get ready and stand in front of my house for two minutes. My friend takes me to the front of my house every day to give. We crossed the 2 km road by two bikes and went for coaching. I coached from 9am to 10am. After that I came back home again.

At noon

  • I take a bath and then finish lunch. We all eat lunch together. After eating and drinking at noon, I get a little long sleep, until the very afternoon.




  • I wake up in the afternoon and freshen up. Mom was making a cake, I ate the cake.Then go for a walk outside. We hang out with friends and hang out together. We all share everything there. And let's talk about these things. Then in the evening we all go back to everyone's house.

    In the evening



In the afternoon I come from friends a little before dusk. A couple of friends went for a walk in the field next to my house. In the evening there was the sound of birds and a very secluded atmosphere in the field. That time looked very beautiful to me. The sun was pushing towards the western sky. Slowly the evening came to an end. For I went home.

At night

  • In the evening I returned home and sat down to freshen up. I studied for a long time. After that my mother told me to eat. I ate together at night. After that I read again for a while. After that I got ready for a nap and fell asleep.
    Thank you all

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