When it comes to flavor, it's better to use too much than too little

When trying something new and intimidating, I think most people have the tendency to be timid or cautious. But often, holding back is the worst thing you can do. And it's funny how you can learn this lesson over and over again in different scenarios: in surfing the worst thing you can do at the top of a wave is hesitate to stand up, my friend recently told me that in art school the hardest part is putting that first mark on a blank canvass and that sometimes the best thing is to really go for it with lines and color and see where it takes you (I asked my hubby for his opinion of a time when it's not good to hesitate or be cautious, and he said "when confronted by a bear.....or cheetah." I'm not sure he understood the question).

So, here's how this works for cooking; don't be afraid of flavor. This Walnut Crusted Salmon & Edamame Mash recipe from Sprouted Kitchen was good, but it probably could have been great if I wasn't such a wuss about seasoning the fish (yes simple salt pepper goes a long way) and adding flavors to the edamame mash. Especially with recipes from places, where playing with measurements is encouraged, putting in a little more of a flavor you might like is a great idea! So next time I'm going to up the ginger and lemon juice and maybe add more seasoning to the fish.







The recipe went well with red wine....everything goes well with red wine on tree coasters :)

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