Student Coin(STC) - Helping Student for Education by Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology.

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In the past, the education system was analogous. In the beginning, people wrote on stones, on the ground, on various metal objects, and on the bones of various large animals. It was very difficult to study then. As the evolution of time gradually led to the discovery of notebooks and pens, people started writing in notebooks with pens. Then more time passed and now we are digitalized. Now you don't need books, a notebook, and a pen for reading and writing. Now everyone reads through by Mobile, Laptop, Computer, iPad, etc. From this, we can understand how far our educational systems are progressed. Everything has changed with the touch of science. And after that Studentcoin is opening the door to a new possibility in this education system.

Till now So many cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry come but no other projects thinking about the educational sector like Studentcoin. The world first decentralized, blockchain, defi wants to improve and help students for completing their studies and help the educational industry for improving the education sector.


Studen Coin:

The core team of Student coin creates STC for all the university; undergraduate & graduate students on the basis of Blockchain and NFT technology. Student Coin is the world's first platform where everyone can easily make their own Defi and NFT token. Everyone can easily create Personal, Loan, Organizational, NFT, Crowdfunding, and Startup tokens. The token makers can choose Technical, Ecosystem, and Business utilities.

Student coin platforms have more than 13 lacs users. Five hundred universities and 36 counties accept it till now and hope that most of the universities in the world will accept it soon. Because they have the coolest concept and user friendly. In my opinion, every educational institute needs a unique token like Studentcoin blockchain technology for improving their system. Student Coin provides Blockchain Technology where Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 Cryptocurrency exchanges are available and the cryptocurrency market will be emerging on it.


Student coin team want to give training all the students that how to use Cryptocurrency, how to send and receive, how to invest, and how to trade, also they train them for choosing a potential and good coin for trading and investment. They will also get training and knowledge about blockchain, defi, NFT technology.

The Mission Of Student Coin:

They have mainly two purpose-

Number 1- Tokenization Sector

Student coin core team wants to allow universities, combined or personal student to create their own Crypto token. Those tokens will be Blockchain technology-based. And they can exchange from the STC terminal and Exchange app. They can store all the data like Certificate, Testimonial, Transcript, Character Certificate, etc. This is really a great concept by the student coin team.

Number 2- Educational Sector

This sector is for all the teachers who can teach all the students about defi, blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrency sending & receiving, trading and investment, etc. Also, this sector can make awareness among students in the STC community.

Here is the basic link about Student Coin(STC):

Student Coin(STC) ecosystem build by the following:

-STC Terminal
In this platform Organization, Student & Universities can make their own custom token for academic needs.
Here is some token that launched STC terminal. 1) Harvard Student Token, 2) Oxford Student Token, 3) First Personal Token, etc.

-STC Application
STC app can be used in mobile both IOS & Android devices. By this app, Student can hold their token. Also, they can pay their academic fees and can get loans easily.


-STC Exchange:
Here everyone can exchange their custom tokens. The token value will depend upon the building concept of the custom token. Also, funds will rise in there.


The greatest news is that which token is created from the STC terminal that token can be listed by the creator in STC exchange and trade with the token with STC pair. <<<

The Way you can get STC token:

1) You can do staking on the STC platform. For this, you need to deposit money by the bank or by Cryptocurrency. The team will give you a reward.
2) By investing in STC token you can get STC token. Buy token and wait for the price rising and listing in exchange. You will be glad to know that STC already listed in some exchanger. You just need to wait some time for rising the price.
3) You can earn STC by Referral. First, you need to create an account in launchpad and then you need to make a unique Referral link. After that spread the link via SMS or social media with your friends, family, or other people. If anyone creates an account by your referral link you will get profit. Here is the link you can register:


STC Listed Exchanges:

Student Coin(STC) already listed on Uniswap and Cointiger exchanger.

Student Coin will be listing soon in Coinsbit, P2PB2B, and Probit exchange. The team will add this token to more exchanges in the future.


Student Coin Tokenomics:

Token Name: Student Coin
Token Ticker: STC
Token Launch Date: 2nd December 2019.
Maximal number of Token supply: Ten billion tokens
Token Circulating Supply: Regulated by the distinct empirical phases
Initial token price: $0.01

Student Coin Distribution:


Student Coin Renowned Partners:


Student Coin Team Members:



The mission and vision of the STC team is that they will tokenize all the universities, students & employees under blockchain technology. Hope all the universities will be connected together with Student Coin. This project is a mind-blowing project.

Here is the Download and registration Links:

Registration Link:
STC Terminal:
STC Exchange:
STC APP on Google Playstore ERC20:
STC APP on Google Playstore WAVES:
STC APP on Apple Store:

For More Info:



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