CBT - Community Business Token for Modern Entrepreneurs.

The main uses of Blockchain are around cryptocurrency and finance, there is no denying the fact that the underlying technology can be huge for marketing. Blockchain has proven to be another disruptive technology that will transform many industries and processes. Marketing is one area that is expected to receive a boost from the use of blockchain development. In essence, Blockchain enables smooth transactions without involving third-party intermediaries. In addition, its immutable and transparent nature ensures that the data stored in the distributed ledger remains secured. Blockchain is changing the domain of digital marketing for the better by giving the power of data back into the hands of consumers.


Digital marketing is the most powerful and efficient marketing platform in the world today. On a revolutionary platform that is revolutionizing the world of digital markets. With Digital Flyer, users will have seamless access to around 3.5 billion users via smart devices that allow users to sell what users have to offer and promote business to anyone due to the worldwide reach of this revolutionary platform. This is also offered by DigitalFlyer, this is a platform that allows you to be able to connect customers to their chosen service provider or product. Unlike other digital platforms that focus on marketing a business or product, DigitalFlyer focuses more on business-to-consumer (B2C), as well as business-to-business (B2B). And to make it easier for users to make transactions, DigitalFlyer is supported by the Community Business Token or abbreviated as CBT. This is a cryptocurrency that allows people to transact more easily and safely.

CBT provides a transparent and stable trading platform to the benefit of both the accommodation and product providers and their customers. DigitalFlyer, along with CBT, is more than just a business listing or Rialto: It is funded, updated, and maintained by the business community and our business members. It is anticipated that every one-man business, minute to medium enterprise, and commence-up will be utilizing DigitalFlyer and its digital trading and business accommodation platform, powered by CBT.

DigitalFlyer is the most expeditious-growing online marketing platform in South Africa. We are a business directory — but so much more than that. We are an incipiently established company (2018) that aims to engender and offer the most cost-efficacious online marketing solutions for business members to sell their products and accommodations, with facile access for your customers.
Digital Flyer is a business-to-consumer as well as a business-to-business platform fixated on accommodating diminutive to medium enterprises, connecting customers to their culled accommodation provider or products. Digital Flyer is an established and growing marketing and business accommodation platform. This revolutionary platform is signing up incipient businesses circadian, expanding their client base, and growing their bottom line by incrementing their access to market and streaming functions, such as advertising and general operations. Is a norm that we establish a business to make more mazuma, so this authentically entails doing what you have a knack for and profit from it. And this entails one's devoted time, one's availability to bring up more business conceptions and engender more profit but the fascinating thing is that this revolutionary platform sanctions for users not to spend time and most of one budget on administration, invoicing, marketing, gregarious media, and website. This platform has engendered a growing and evolving toolkit that does all that only for some amount yearly. Digital Flyer which is the most affordable business accommodation provider platform is introducing the world to Community Business Token (CBT) which is a currency within this platform.

How does it work?

Grow your business by getting relevant and verified leads

For Users
This local directory is the smartest way to find the best products and services for all your needs.
Quickly find what you’re looking for in your area
Contact the business directly from the app
Have full control of what you want to be notified about, who you want to be notified about, who you want to see, geographical settings for results, etc.
Build a Favourites list of your regular shopping points and follow any new specials, products, or services they promote
Get accurate directions to the business
And so much to follow
For Business Members
Grow your business online and create more leads for your business!
Potential customers can easily find your products or services
An extensive range of marketing strategy of DigitalFlyer, saving literally thousands of Rands per month on marketing exposure
There are features and functions we cannot yet add to this list but you can rest assured it will improve your own business marketing exposure and more so your customer’s accessibility to your product.

DigitalFlyer Overview

First, it is important to understand DigitalFlyer's business offering to appreciate its value as the vehicle of choice for the Early Community Business Coin Offering. Digital marketing is the most powerful marketing platform in the history of our planet. We have access to around 3.5 billion users via smart devices, letting you sell anything to anyone. The trick is for you and your customers to find each other. The digital marketing base allows you to start or improve your business more easily than ever before.

DigitalFlyer is a business-to-customer (B2C), as well as business-to-business (B2B) platform focused on serving small to medium-sized businesses, connecting customers to service providers or products of their choice. DigitalFlyer is an established and growing business and marketing services platform.

You start your business to make more money. You want to do what you love and profit from it. To do that, you need the time available to you to generate more business and more profits, not to spend most of your time and most of your budget on administration, invoicing, marketing, social media, and websites. We've created, grown and developed, a toolkit that does all of that for just R600.00 ($ 40) a year. By joining our network and community, we have multiplied your R600.00 ($ 40) value many times. DigitalFlyer is not an intermediary, but an enabler and connector.

We give you the tools to take your time so you can focus on your health, wealth, and happiness. Our platform achieves this by reducing administrative and marketing burdens at an affordable price by opening up channels of communication between those who seek the service and those who provide it. You and your customers target each other which makes landing new businesses a pleasure. The platform adapts to your industry to upgrade, train and empower you at any level of experience or business stage you are in by providing a one-stop, customizable business marketing and, constantly evolving, administration platform. Our modules will streamline any business so you can focus on not only doing business but creating wealth as well.


Direct integration with your target market so that customers can communicate directly with you via email, phone, or through social media applications with no middle man involved.
Users could link social media platforms to their profile to increase your following.
A free user-friendly app has been made available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.
Benefit from the platform's wide reach marketing efforts on social media, street advertising, newsletters, and radio ads.
Build your professional business profile in a matter of minutes so that customers all over the world can find you online, quickly and easily.
List and Sell your individual services and products online with detailed product information.
Feature your upcoming events so that customers can without stress find out what is happening near them.

Token Details
Token Name: CBT
Total supply: 70000000000

Token Distribution
20000000000 For team and participating members and reward circulation
50000000000 for public sales and bonus payouts

Additional Details
MVP/Prototype: Yes
Platform: ERC20
Categories: Platform


DigitalFlyer is a market leader in the field of digital marketing and business support. The team strives to provide top-quality service to businesses and their clients by streamlining the process of connecting business to client and client to business. DigitalFlyer sources and provides best-of-breed business support partners, accounting systems, and support services. We can offer this at an affordable price because we already have an active and operational platform, delivering on quality and focused on quantity.

For More Info:
Website: https://www.communitybusinesstoken.com/#homeToken
Telegram Group: https://t.me/cbtico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/business_token
White Paper: https://www.communitybusinesstoken.com/files/Community%20Business%20ICO%20V3.0.pdf
Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/communitybusinesscoin/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digitalflyersa

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BTT Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2892845
Erc20 address: 0x11e4ad2c7f07b100be23e09e22566d81159d682d
Telegram Username: @Banprox88
Proof Of Authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5320387.msg56503288#msg56503288

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