Make life easier with these simple steps

You don't have to waste your time with anyone if you don't like it. Get more rest, be mindful of your health, reduce unnecessary stress and give yourself time.

When my daughter was little and really needed me, I didn't have time for her. She was raised by my mother, my brothers, the nanny, the yard, and mostly by herself.

Nevertheless, this whole strange compilation worked very well - it turned out not only a decent smart person, but also a refined and elegant lady. I hardly ever grow up to this nobility.


Recently we talked and I, in a fit of maternal regret, yearned for the time that I had not spent on her. To which my wise child said that in fact I revealed many truths to her and it was thanks to them that she became a person.

She also said that the main thing that I taught her was the postulate "no one owes anything to anyone" and it helps her to go through life with greater ease and confidence than if she did not have it.

I was horrified, because yes, no one owes anything to anyone, but You don’t owe anything to anyone. Nobody owes you anything. No parents, no children, no family, no friends, no acquaintances, no social media friends. Nobody and nothing.

Moreover, most likely, if you suddenly begin to expect something from someone as a certainty, it will only be worse for you. It is much more productive to perceive all the good things from people in your life as a gift and to be sincerely grateful just as a gift, not a given. And yes, you don't have to be grateful, but if you can, be.

Nobody owes anything to anyone in this life, except for parents to their children until they come of age. Children don't owe their parents anything. They can help, they can communicate, they can meet, or they may not. It all depends on what and how these same parents raised their children.

Nobody owes anything to anyone in terms of all relatives put together. You are not obliged to spend your time on anyone if it is unpleasant for you, inconvenient, not handy, for one reason or another.

Your mother's explanation that you should go to your cousin for a wedding in a village 300 km away in your car, because "they need a good car and they are our relatives, we should" never work at all. Whether you want to (congratulate, help, support, lend, whatever) or you don't want to - that's the single most important reason to do something.

Nobody owes anything to anyone, if this "must" is not paid. Unfortunately, very often (too often) it is noticeable that in our country, especially our government officials and public servants, are guided only by the first part of this rule.

You do not owe anything to anyone only on your territory, without involving others in it. Your freedom not to be owed ends where other people's territory begins. In every sense of the word. You must not endanger other people by operating anything that might be dangerous. For example, you should not turn left or right from the middle lane.

You shouldn't delay your employees' salaries. If you are writing a post in your account about another person, first think about what and to whom you owe or should not. By the way, you absolutely don't owe anyone anything on the Internet if someone is wrong there.

For example, to comment on the publication of a beauty blogger that is ugly in your opinion, that it is not for her to talk about beauty. You must not understand what I am trying to say, and I must not convince you that I must. Because - look at the column title.


We owe nothing to anyone, if we do not impose this obligation upon ourselves. For example, I decided for myself that I should love myself (and this was a very difficult and most important decision in my life).

I have to be useful to others - in different ways and in many ways. I must love my country and my city, since I consciously chose to live here, and I must make them as convenient as possible for me, in fact.

We, in general, do not even owe anything to ourselves. But! If we do not owe ourselves, then we, as individuals, will not exist. Therefore, it is better to admit that we must take care of our body, and in return it must be beautiful and healthy for us.

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