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Size Doesn't Matter

No matter the size of your powerup, it is a welcome part of today's #SPUD4

I Managed to power up 50.657 steem today and that makes me happy!!

No, it's not near as large a powerup as some and not as pretty as others, but it's mine and I love it!!!

Thanks to @streetstyle #spud has become a household word for all steemians.

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lol, maybe not a household word yet with all Steemians but it is getting there. Thank you for supporting and participating in #spud.

01.08.2019 23:55

lol it soon will be I think. What a great monthly reminder to 'invest in your future'. At least that's how I look at it lol. As for supporting and participating, well...the pleasure is mine. Looking forward to next month already LOL

02.08.2019 00:10

Yes, that is a good way to look at it. Many thought Bitcoin would fail, and many have said "bitcoin is dead" probably hundreds of different times throughout its ten year history, and yet it is still here thriving. I believe it can be the same for Steem where many think it has failed or will fail, and yet in three years from now when it is still here there will be just as many detractors, but hopefully we'll all be sitting prettier with our Steem.
Take care.

02.08.2019 15:54

Right on! It’s nice to see a good turnout for SPUD4. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚

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02.08.2019 01:11

agreed! sweet turnout :D

02.08.2019 09:26

Beautiful :)

02.08.2019 01:15


02.08.2019 09:32


03.08.2019 04:13

thank you!

02.08.2019 09:23