Lagos City Steemit Contest #2 || My Love For Steemit : I Profess My Love For Steemit || Contest Strictly For Lagos Steemians

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Hello beautiful Lagos City Steemians, it is my pleasure to bring to you guys my second contest hosting. I appreciate everyone that made their entry to the first contest, congratulations to all winners and welcome to a brand new contest.

What is this contest about...?

Each and everyone of us here on steemit had experienced the goodness of steemit. We all have realized that there is no social media like steemit. Steemit is the first and most profitable blockchain social media platform. Steemit has changed so many lives and is still changing so many.

In this contest, you are expected to profess your love for steemit. Imagine steemit to be your husband/wife or fiancee, tell steemit how much you love her, from the day she came into your life the things that changed. The experiences and journey so far, the beautiful moments, the memorable events and things you expect to see in your journey together.

Contest Rules

  • Your contest entry should not be less than 200 words, express yourself.
  • No plagiarism.
  • Contest should be posted in @steemalive community.
  • You must resteem this contest post announcement.
  • Drop your contest entry link as a comment in the comment section.
  • Tag me @talktofaith somewhere in your contest post, so i can see your post.
  • Contest is exclusively for Lagos Steemians

Contest Rewards

We have 15 Steem rewards.
1st 5 steem
2nd 4 Steem
3rd 3 Steem
4th 2 Steem
5th 1 steem

This contest ends exactly on the expiration of this contest post announcement, which is 7 days from today (31/05/2021)

Best Regards

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cc: @stephenkendal
cc: @whitestallion
cc: @cryptokannon
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