Dear Steemit by @talktofaith || Steeming Community Contest Week #4


Hello Dear Steemit,
I am pleased to write to you once more after a little bridge in communication between us. I hope you are doing well in your new location. I had really missed you a million times, so I decided to express myself in this little piece here.

I will start this little piece by appreciating you so far for being whom you are, for all you had done and is continuously doing for me. Basically since I came in contact with you, so many things has changed in my life and around me. You had been a friend that is closer than a sister. So staying for a while without hearing from you had been like a thousand years to me. I had missed our constant sharing of secrets, I had missed your advice and constant support too.

I am writing to tell you about my daily activities, it's been an awesome adventure so far. You know I don't have an 8 to 5 job, so all my activities are centered around steemit and a training on affiliate marketing that I am currently taking.

Basically, all my activities revolves around steemit. Once I am up from bed in the morning and had my prayers and a little studying, the next thing is to pick up my phone and check up on notifications from anyone to me on steemit.

I hope you haven't also forgotten that I am a Currently a city Co-ordinator of the Lagos City Steemians in Nigeria. Oh, that....? It had been a wonderful experience for me though. And as a co-ordinator, I have several responsibilities on me. I see to it that all the Lagos City Steemians are active on steemit. Sometimes I have to put a call across to the inactive ones to find out what their problem is actually and device a possible means of solving it. It had not been easy, but the stress is worth it. Currently I am printing a steemit t-shirts for the Lagos steemians, it was meant to be ready since last week but it was delayed by the printer, but I just got a call from the printer that he is on his way to my house to deliver the t-shirts. Did I also tell you that @stephenkendal supported the printing of our t-shirt with 100 Steem, please if you see him, thank him for me. Below is the t-shirt samples.

The black colour of the t-shirt
The white colour of the t-shirts

My Steemit business had been awesome. The current training I am undergoing now on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, I registered for the training with 45,000 which is approximately 167 Steem. I raised the money for the registration from my steemit earnings, and I believe I am going to fund back my steemit wallet as soon as I start earning from my affiliate marketing.

Since I started this affiliate training, my attention had been divided, but in other to manage my time wisely, I do my steemit business in the day time and I use my nights for my affiliate studies.

For a while now one of my recruits @ammyy had been down with malaria, so yesterday I went to check up on her with some other Lagos Steemians (@ruthjoe and @ifylove), the malaria affected her activeness on steemit, but I am glad she is recovering.

Due to the beautiful experiences and all the wonderful earning potentials I had experienced on steemit, I had introduced 3 of my siblings @davchi, @ruthgold and @successjoh to steemit, including over 20 other steemians from my city. It's been a beautiful one so far, and I am so loving myself for getting involved in steemit in the first place.

I really want to pour out my heart writing to you about all my routines, but just a pen and paper will not be enough for it, I will reserve every other gist for the day we will meet physically.

Just take care of yourself.

Yours Sincerely

I invite @ruthjoe, @ifylove, @ammyy, @harrygwec and @analee to come write a letter to steemit.

@steemingcuration and @fabio2614, thank you for hosting and organizing this contest, I am glad to be a part of it.
Here is my content entry post.

Best regards

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25.05.2021 15:15

Big sis @taltofaith i love your diary post from the moment i read your writing thank you

25.05.2021 15:33

@successjoe, thanks for visiting.

25.05.2021 15:35

wow talktofaith ,
you must be very busy nowadays... with that kind of business and the way you manage your time you will surely become a tycoon soon.

Your entry to week#04 contest has been approved. Your participation is highly appreciated. I wish you good luck!

26.05.2021 04:42

@fabio2714, thank you for approving my contest entry post.

26.05.2021 08:41

Also, I dropped here a link just in case if you like to be a steemingzen

here is the link on how to become a 💧Steemingzen

26.05.2021 04:45

I'm already a steemingzen, I had set @steemingcuration 30% benefitiary to my post. I had also commented under the steemingzen post.

26.05.2021 08:43

I assigned you a steemingzen badge. Welcome to the family talkofaith☺

26.05.2021 11:17

Thank you @fabio2614.
I'm glad to be in the family.

26.05.2021 11:34

you are very welcome here friend🙂

27.05.2021 09:04