That Inner Spark, The Crystal


This card pull from the Daniel Martin Diaz oracle deck resonates very strongly with me today and I will share a synchronous dream I had last night in another post, but for now it is important to reflect on the ancient Greek maxim ‘Know Thyself’ which was inscribed above the entry of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. I believe that people in the modern world struggle with this more than in any other time in history. They join up, they find a sense of belonging in groups, they adhere to the same dress codes and styles then they find comfort in their perceptions that they are understood and belong. Where are YOU in that equation?

The Crystal tells us that there is a purity in our core that can never NOT belong. It is our key to admittance into a realm that transcends earthly fraternities yet creates an undeniable place for ourselves within this space. The Crystal asks that we acknowledge our truly unique offerings and to seek answers that reveal our purpose. Look within, know when things are coming together and let your inner crystal shine before it is forever obscured.

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