Self Transformation

THE MOTH. We all begin our journey as moths, fluttering around the first bit of light we encounter, bouncing ridiculously into the brightness or burning up in its flame. Often we are unable to reach its source, completely unaware that more light exists elsewhere and most importantly within ourselves.

Until we rediscover and release the light that shines from within; when we allow this spirited wisdom to emerge, then transformation is possible. Influenced by the cycles of nature, transmutations will take on the qualities represented by the balance between our impulsive will, our emotions and our intellect. Be aware and create balance to get your desired results.

If we are glamoured and excessively influenced by passions that we place above all others, our spiritual growth will turn into a single-minded obsession that will burn in flames like the doomed fluttering moth or simply leave us exhausted on an unfulfilling treadmill of existence.

Allowing the spirit within to rise will heighten our intuitive abilities. Answers that reside within our subconscious will no longer remain mysteries and a transmutation that transcends your current position will occur and your magic will manifest on this earthly plane.

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