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OSTs are really underrated but they're so good, so I thought I'd share a song a day and my thoughts about it! I highly recommend listening while reading! 😊

I was kinda stumped on what song to choose for today, but I've recently been watching a blind playthrough of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (AAI1) by the lovely Lucahjin! And since she just completed the game (with virtually no mistakes), this post will be in celebration of that awesome accomplishment!


Source: Ace Attorney Wiki - Fandom

If you've never seen this game before, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a 2009 adventure video game developed and published by Capcom. It was originally released for the Nintendo DS in Japan in 2009, and internationally in 2010, and later for iOS and Android in 2017. It is the fifth game in the Ace Attorney series, and is set between the events of the third and fourth games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney βˆ’ Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


Source: MacHash

While previous games in the series focus on defense attorneys, Ace Attorney Investigations has the player control prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, who investigates five cases that tie together to form an overarching story about a smuggling ring.
The game consists of investigation phases, in which the player investigates crime scenes in search for evidence, and rebuttal phases, in which they confront other characters, to hear their testimonies. The player is then able to use evidence to find contradictions in the characters' statements to get closer to the truth.


Source: Youtube

So I've actually written about a few songs from Ace Attorney, the first being 2 years ago, when I first got introduced to the series! I've actually never played any of the games myself, because watching Lucahjin's blind playthroughs of the games makes it more entertaining for me. Not only does she do really good voices for all the characters, but she plays the games so well! And watching her makes me feel like I'm playing along too; trying to solve the cases with her and everything. I think if I played the games myself it probably wouldn't be as fun tbh. πŸ˜…

But anyway, the song I chose for today is probably one of the more epic songs in the game. Have a listen:

This song is called Pursuit! And it plays during the rebuttal portions when you've successfully presented the decisive evidence that proves a key contradiction in your opponent's testimony. And I think the tone of this song totally reflects that triumphant feeling that the player gets at that point as well.

The song starts off with a fairly quick-paced tempo, then quickly goes into this snazzy electric piano melody, with drum beats in the background. But when it gets to the 0:44 mark, the song hits the climax and oh boy is it epic! The electric piano is accompanied by similar pitched synth notes and the background beats get slightly faster. The spotlight then shifts to electric-sounding string instruments during the bridge, before going back to the climax again.


Source: Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack
Yes, I know this picture is from the sequel to this game, but it's so cute I just had to include it! Look at Miles smiling!

This song is definitely one of my favourites in the whole Ace Attorney series. Not only is it pretty damn epic, but the piano carrying the melody makes it sound slightly more jazzy and composed compared to Phoenix Wright's Pursuit theme (from the first game):

One of the comments I saw captures the vibe of both songs perfectly:


And I completely agree with Evil Ryu on this. Phoenix and Edgeworth's songs fit their personalities in their respective games so well. While Phoenix's is very high energy, and emotional (with the slight minor key), Edgeworth's is definitely more calm and controlled. But I would argue that both are confident in their own way.
This song definitely gives off the vibe that Edgeworth is confident in his logic and will stop at nothing to get to the truth.


Source: Capcom Youtube

The composers for this game were Noriyuki Iwadare, who has worked on the previous Ace Attorney games and Yasuko Yamada, who is an in-house composer at Capcom respectively. They did an absolutely amazing job with this soundtrack. There are so many good songs in AAI1 and they fit the environment/characters so perfectly.

I hear AAI2's soundtrack is even better, and I'm so excited for Lucahjin to play it in the future! But until then, I'm gonna try not to spoil myself and resist listening to the undoubtedly awesome music. 😌

Thanks so much for reading!

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