Hey Apes, Here is a Social Media Strategy I've Been Having Success With Figured You All Could Lose Money With It.

I didn't come up with this strategy but I have had some good success with it so I figured I would share it with my fellow Ape Steemers.

Stock mention scrapers have become extremely popular lately, this strategy uses social media to track which stock has a high chance of becoming successful with in 8 days.

For this strategy we use Unbiastock

Every morning just before the market opens check the "Reddit Trending Stocks" (Wisdom of the Masses is a real thing). Stocks with a Reddit score of under 500 become profitable FAR, FAR more often than any other category, they hit their max profit on average between 4 - 8 days. After than they all start losing money. On average the % increase (limit sell) is 15% - 17%.

StockTwits LOOKS very successful when you see their hit rate, but if you look at the score categories you see that they are only successful in stocks with a score greater than 5000. That means that they are just coat tail riding on stocks that everyone else called successful long before. So they're not good at picking stocks, but they ARE good at jumping on the bandwagon as it comes screaming towards them. It's not a terrible strategy, the average % of profit of that category is 23%

I've found that I hit about 75% of my trades using this strategy. If you have any questions just ask 👍
I'm also currently trying to figure out how to apply this strategy to crypto but the data doesn't seem to be as prevalent.
Here is the download link for those interested in reading the data:
Google Data Doc

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