Plot Head Beetle

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Talking about beetles is certainly not going to end because there are so many species of beetles, from leaf beetles, ground beetles, stone beetles and other beetles with very large populations.

While the beetle itself is a group that forms the order of the spread of Coleoptera throughout the world and continents except on certain continents such as the Antarctic continent, because the continent is unable to adapt to the environment in that environment, except for each special animal that is able to withstand very cold temperatures.

As mentioned earlier that the beetle itself is divided into several different species of shapes and types, such as the leaf beetle species that occupy areas of trees and wild plants that exist in the tropics.

Among thousands of beetles, I have just discovered a species of beetle-headed beetle with a distinctive tail shaped like a bottle cap, this beetle is only seen in wild plants that grow and thrive in abandoned yard areas, or resembling a tiger shrimp tail.
Because I just discovered this species, I named it the Plot's head beetle

Plot Head Beetle

The Head Beetle plot is one of the many beetles in the leaf. However, this one beetle has different characteristics from other beetles in general. The difference is very clear among others in terms of shape, character, food, and how to breed.

And there is one very popular trait in this beetle that is when it eats and when meeting each other.

1. Its characteristics

Basically every beetle has almost the same characteristics but there are differences in this one beetle, it has a body shape that is different from other beetles. It has a round head, thorax, legs and tail,

Its uniqueness is the physical body at the tip of the tail, it has a cursory round tail shape resembling a fish with a standing style like a lizard or other reptile.

His tail always sniffs a trail of something so that when he stands his body remains still while his tail moves like a signal search engine.

The tail will be silent when you approach it or there are other animals present such as birds and bats or meat-eating animals.

2. The food

Its presence in wild plants can not be said as a leaf eating animal, its favorite food is insects, moreover it sees insects such as aphids or other small insects, although it also eats leaves but the most preferred is flower pistil with lots of sap. Of course it is unknown whether he ate the sap or not because it has not been carried out deeper observations. But the presence of plants makes other small insects avoid it.

Not only insects, but the butterflies themselves are reluctant to be close to them so that the flowers that grow on the plants where they sit are not pollinated by butterflies so flower growth is very slow.

3. Its habitat

Plot beetles are often found in every flower plant whose size is as high as an adult's shoulder and is very rare in small plants, if any, the amount is very small. He made a nest in the stems of plants by punching holes in wood like woodpeckers, in every hole there were at least 5 or 7 living species. Children are rarely seen because they always hide in holes or nests made by their mothers.

The size of the nest is not known with certainty but there is a door opening as big as a small child's fist, if measured there is an area of ​​3 cm in height and width as well as that is 3 cm. Then the size of the hole is also very suitable for the door if he entered the hole. Then the appropriate size 1 cm body length and width of about 0.4 cm.

Female body size is greater than males if the female has a size of 1 cm long and 0.4 cm wide then the body size of the male has a length of 2 cm and 0.5 cm wide.

Thus some guidelines about the Beetle Head beetle, hopefully this article can be a reference for insect researchers in observing it. Thank you very much.

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