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As mentioned in post 1 that in addition to Three Tread Crabs, there are also similar crabs, namely tiger crabs (as shown in the picture).

Communities on the coast of Pusong Lhokseumawe named this crab named tiger crab, this name was pinned to him because the motifs and patterns found on its shell resembled motivations or patterns on tiger stripes.

However, the characteristics of these crabs are different from the Tread Three crab in terms of endurance and strength. Nevertheless, male tiger crabs often mate with Tread Tiga crabs.

Know the sex of the crab

Every animal in the world that lives in the sea or on land has its own sex. Likewise with this one crab species, they also have different sexes. Well .... To find out is very easy and you can distinguish if you are dealing directly with them when you see it. In general, male crabs always have a large body size when compared to females.

Although in general you can find out by looking at the size of his body but there are other things that certainly have certain characteristics in distinguishing him, so for more clearly let us consider the explanation below.

1. In terms of claws / cangkang

Each type of crab is no exception, of course, it has claws or large hands located on the left and right sides of its body. If male crabs always have large and hard claws, usually the right claw has a larger size than the left.If measured then there is a size that is longer than the other leg.

While the female also has claws that resemble the male but the size of the claws is smaller and not as strong as the claws in the male crab. The strength of male claws is very strong if they pinch the human's hand it will have an impact on the wound, so that it can injure human skin even with minor injuries.

2. Having a tail or covering the genitals

Then another thing that is very accurate in distinguishing it is seeing from the tail located at the end of the shell, in general the cover on the tail of a female crab has eggs that can swell under the tail, whereas males do not have them. Male crabs always look slim while females look fat and oval because of the influence of the end of the shell cover that looks fat.

Usually eggs wrapped under a larger shell with a body are a sign that the female is fertile, while the color of the eggs is yellow or red. Meanwhile, when entering puberty, fertile eggs are colorless as mentioned, usually green.


When you pay attention to the characteristics of crabs you will see they have 3 legs located on the left and right, which they use to walk, while the two big legs or claws are not used as walking only in use as holders or weapons in carrying out daily activities.

The anatomy of a crab is almost the same shape of each species of crab,

except for a few (for example, Raninoida), its stomach folded under the cephalothorax. The crab's mouth is covered by a flat maxilliped, and the front of the carapace does not form a long rostrum. Crab gills are formed from flat plates (phyllobranchiate)

However, the species mentioned earlier was very rarely encountered on each coastline but he is often encountered in the sea area where there are coral reefs that grow on the ocean floor.

Thus a brief description and review, about crabs that are often found around the coast that is around you. Hopefully useful. Thank you very much.

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