A glimpse of the grasshopper's morphology

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Grasshopper is one of the most well-known insect species in the world, it is a species that is familiar to everyone, both in children and even adults.

Then another thing that made him famous was that he was always able to adapt to every region of the world, his body was strong so he could adjust to the conditions or temperatures in this world.

Its unique life is able to breed its civilization throughout the world except it cannot live on one continent such as Antarctica because in that region it has extremely extreme temperatures so that every animal is unable to adapt itself to these conditios.

Grasshopper morphology

In general, each insect species has its own morphology depending on the type, but basically it is almost the same, so also the grasshopper also has a complete body morphology like having,

  • Head
  • thorax
  • legs
  • wings
  • and other body components

So in this case I myself will try to explain some of the explanations that are owned by grasshoppers themselves according to my version, then the following will explain some of the descriptions that are owned by grasshoppers themselves.

Grasshopper's head

In the area of ​​locust head has several structured components, so that each component has its own function in carrying out daily activities.

  • Ocellus
    Ocellus itself can be said as one of the grasshopper's vision sensors or ordinary people say as a simple eye of a grasshopper that serves to detect differences in objects based on the intensity of the light in front of them, the sensor will always detect each different color so that the grasshopper can distinguish objects in front of it.
  • Compund Eye
    Then it also has hundreds of tiny eyes or sensors called Comound Eyes, it is a compound eye that has thousands of individual color sensors so don't be surprised if you look closely using a magnifying device or microscope then you will find hundreds of small pieces of eyes.

  • Antenna
    This locust antenna is located on the head of the left and right parts whose function is to localize the senses, this object is functioned to detect the existence of an object, or important information either beneficial or detrimental to the locust itself, if he thinks the results of the detection endanger him then he will immediately move to a place other.

In addition there are also other components that are still attached to the grasshopper's head region which has different functions such as,

  • Gena
  • Frons
  • Clypeus
  • Mandible
  • Lower Labium
  • Palps

But the grasshopper does not have ears like other animals, but how does he hear it, so in this case he relies on the antenna or sensor that has been mentioned previously.

Differences in males and females

To distinguish between female locusts and males is not difficult, you can only see in terms of its body, in general female grasshoppers have a larger body with male, if measured it will have a weight of about,

Female locusts are around 58-71 mm while male ones are 49-63 mm with a body weight of 2 to 3 grams.

In general, male locusts that have a smaller body size as mentioned earlier, will fertilize the female by being on top of her body like other insect species.

That is a short morgology of grasshopper species in my version, hopefully useful and thank you very much.

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