What Marvel Got Wrong With the Incredible Hulk

Part 1

What is it that makes the hulk such a unique and interesting character? One word.... conflict. It is the conflict he feels within himself; it is also something that the audience can relate to. Stan Lee stated that the inspiration for the hulk was a combination of Frankenstein and Dr Jeckal & Hyde. Two characters that have deep levels of struggle and live in that realm between Man & Monster.


Conflict is at the core of all good drama. The more you can involve the audience with the conflicted situation the character finds themselves in the better. This allows for the creation of more problems that the protagonist must overcome, this, in turn, makes for more successful storytelling.

The issue is how this has been explored and developed up to this stage, banners plot points seem to be mixed and almost contradictory.

At the end of the avengers we get this from Bruce…now this is my favourite scene in the film. But the key here isn’t the visuals but the dialogue.


Bruce says to Captain America in this Scene “The secret is I’m always angry”.

The way I understand this is that after accepting who he is and after at least one failed suicide attempt the character seems to now have some form of synergy by accepting that its true nature is his own. “the secret is I’m always angry” This is the only time banner has been able to turn into the hulk effortlessly, every other instance has been due to either physical or emotional distress. In terms of character arc, this is an endpoint, he is a new character after this, he overcomes his internal conflict as shown in that scene. However…

By the time we get to Thor Rangnarok things seem to have deteriorated.

Part 2 coming soon.

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I was very disappointed how the Hulk’s character was handled in Endgame.

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15.08.2019 19:57

Yep I agree...they wasted his character completely, I left the cinema extremely disappointed after watching how he was handled in Endgame.

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15.08.2019 21:42