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Assalam o alikum Steemians!!!!!

Hope you all doing well and enjoying your lifes with good health. First I would like to thanks @vvarishayy for creating such an amazing contest " BEST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE" . I am very excited to write about best moment of my life. Let's start :

I have some memories from my childhood as I lived in Karachi (PAKISTAN) and never ever went to northern areas of Pakistan in my whole life but I always wanted to go to our northern areas , just because of snow ❄. I really wanted to enjoy snow as well as snow activities. In Karachi we all know that weather is usually warm and winter season is not only short but neither too much cold.


When I moved to Canada, Now, I have this opportunity to enjoy snow as much as I want 😀. During winter season we decided to went for "Tobaggning" which is one of the best moment of my life. Its was very cold winter day . After having lunch , my whole family put on snow suits, snow boots, warm hats and waterproof mittens because its very important with kids under 4 that you have to follow all safety guide lines to protect you and your little ones from cold weather. Then ,we headed over to the local town hill for a few hours' Tobaggning. No fancy gimmicks, just a few trusty family tobaggan. Its fairly to say that my kids and I very enjoyed the sliding down the hill and walking back up only to slid down again. And again and again.



Its a fun activity, kids and I enjoyed alot. In winter season its a very good way to engaged kids with a physical activity and adults can also join and get their exercise too. A day out playing with kids is brilliant way to spend quality time with together that leads to build a strong family relationship.



First thing for me to do was ,to choose right or appropriate place for my family for sledding because the area was over crowded and many families were already there before we reached, so we find a small hill for us because we had our kids with us and was also our first time to experience sledding. We took our sledding board up to the top of hill and sliding down hill very fast then we walking back up to slid again .That's a one of the best moment of my life. I enjoyed alot. It is very important to keep hydrated while you are doing snow sports activity. We also did snow fighting and after some time snow falling started that double the enjoyment.


After one hour of sledding ,we decided to took some rest because kids are younger and weather was icy cold , my younger daughter mittens get wet while playing in snow and I have also forgotten to take extra pair of mittens. So we decided to move back to home. When we were returning to home from the tobaggning , we bought a coffee from Tim Hortons and enjoyed a cup of hot coffee in icy cold weather. I never forget my first experience of Tobaggning 😊.


Thank you for reading my post and I am very happy to share my experience with you all guys ,hope you like it.

I would like to invite my friends
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Again I would like to thanks @vvarishayy for creating such an amazing contest.
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hello @syedahira your entry is Excellent. Good presentation and I want to go tobogganing too now :D
Best of luck with the contest.

26.04.2021 02:50

Sure, you will definitely find it super fun activity.

26.04.2021 15:12