Start Guide for New Empire Kred Players

Start Guide for New Empire Kred Players

So you’ve just signed up to Empire Kred and may be wondering what to do next. If you haven't created your account yet then signup HERE.

It can be a bit overwhelming at first but don’t worry; there are lots of helpful guides throughout the site and in the groups. There are also many helpful players and admins who are happy to answer your questions and help you find your way.

In this post you’ll find links to FAQs, tips and a step-by-step guide to getting started.

First, let me explain very briefly what Empire Kred (EK) is and how it works.

The key thing to remember is that Empire Kred is a game. But it's a game designed to help you build and monitor your social influence.

The two main activities and forms of engagement on EK are:

1) Investing in players
2) Completing and Running Missions

★★ THE GAME ★★

The game element of EK is the buying and selling of shares. You invest in people to earn daily dividends (income) in eaves. Eaves are Empire Kreds virtual currency. The more active players you invest in, the more you receive daily. Once you build your portfolio up to a healthy level, you can use your earnings to pay for missions, invest in more players or even pay for some premium upgrades.

❗️NOTE: Eaves cannot be exchanged for any other type currency. They are simply a virtual currency that can only be used within the Empire Kred game. But you can certainly grow your business and marketing through tools in the game and the relationships that you establish here.


Missions are like advertisements. You set them up to promote your content. When you complete somebody else’s mission, you get a reward in eaves. The mission creator sets the amount you'll receive.

Complete Missions:
Create Missions:


So that's the general concept of Empire Kred. Similar to most Social networks, you need to engage with others. It’s all about building relationships. People will naturally support other players that they have gotten to know and like.

Below is a quick summary of activities that will help you get started.

If you get stuck or have any questions, just start a thread, and someone will point you in the right direction.

Be sure to check back here under your question for answers from members and volunteers. Also, keep an eye out for Private Messages. Unless you turn it off, you will get an email when someone sends you a note. There are also message notifications listed on the top right of your Empire.Kred. When new messages are available, you’ll see the envelope icon turn red with an exclamation mark (!) next to it.


If you haven’t already done so, complete all the steps during sign-up. They help you familiarise yourself with the site, and you earn free eaves with each of the activities.

Click here for a checklist of tasks to complete:

❗️NB: Make sure to add a photo to your profile. Either of yourself or something that represents your business.


Important! One of the first steps is to connect all your social media profiles. Many experienced members won’t invest in you if you don’t have any networks connected. Ideally, have more than one.


After you sign up, join the Welcome Wagon group. Then start a thread and introduce yourself. Tell everyone a little about who you are and why you joined Empire Kred.

❗️NB: Don't post any links as that will come across spammy. It’s not permitted in the group anyway and could get you banned.


Buy some shares of people. But don’t use your whole budget all at once. Start with small investments of around 5 or 10 shares. This will alert people to your presence and show that you are active. Look for active players. A good way to start building relationships is to buy back shares from your early investors. They will usually be the ones who leave a comment on your profile. Look out for comments like “+400.”

You can see a full list of your shareholders here:
(The default sort order is by most recent buyers first.)


Complete some missions that interest you. But don’t just complete them for the eaves reward. It’s good etiquette to do what the mission creator want’s you to do, e.g. visit their blog, or connect on a social network. Empire Kred rules don’t allow mission creators to ask for interaction, but they will appreciate it if you do share their content.

Players spend their hard earned eaves to run these missions. There are plenty to choose from, so only take the ones you are likely to engage with.

If it’s a tweet mission, use the like button and then retweet it. Even better, give a reply message with their twitter handle using @. They will get the best benefit in their Twitter score this way. A blog post? Share it with your network. The easiest way is to use their twitter button if they have one or to post their blog post URL with their twitter handle using @.

Whatever the content, try to share it. At the very least, give it a like or leave a comment. You get the idea. :-)

To find and complete missions of a particular topic, go to the Empire Kred home page and look for a blue drop down menu titled “Explore Missions by Interest.”


Whenever you buy shares or complete missions, always leave a comment after you complete the transaction. Use their Empire Kred handle “(e)TICKERNAME” in any notes or comments that you leave for them. This will alert the player to your presence, increasing the likelihood of getting reciprocal engagement and support from them.

On a mission, a simple 'Thank you' is good etiquette. Also, use the buttons on the mission to ‘LIKE’ and leave positive feedback. It all counts as engagement and improves your EK network score and average dividend payout.

And when you are giving them a comment or reply on other sites do an official mention on the site that you are using, as we discussed above for twitter.

❗️NB: If you subscribe to one of the premium accounts, you get access to which allows you to buy shares in bulk. But it doesn’t have an option to leave a comment. Same goes for the Empire Kred iOS app. So if you use either of these, try to interact in some way afterwards.


Run investment missions to your EK profile. Everybody loves some free shares. Many will buy additional shares. Or run missions to your content to spark some engagement and improve your network scores further.

Before you start running your own missions, it’s best to complete a few missions from other players. This alerts them to your presence and shows you’re active and willing to participate. They will likely reciprocate when you start posting your content.


They happen regularly and gives you a great opportunity to connect with others. It also shows experienced players that you’re active, and many will invest in you.

Join these groups to stay updated on regular events and look out for announcements:

Sir Rudigers Festival of Fun:
EAv Gangstas (Monthly Full Moon events):


Focus on improving your Average Dividend price. You do that by generally being active throughout Empire Kred and your other social networks. Like, share and comment on others content. Post regular content of your own. You can use EK missions to drive some traffic to your posts. On EK, complete missions. Invest. Comment on Missions and profiles. Join group discussions.


If you want to build your profile quicker, then consider investing in the ‘FastTrack’ or ‘Leader’ packages. They are available to you at a discount for 90 days after sign-up and give you a huge boost with various upgrades. This will allow you to start earning significant dividends much sooner. Just click on ‘Upgrades’ to find out more.

❗️NB: In addition to the great value of the bonuses included with the Fast Track package, you have access to a seasoned player as your mentor to answer your questions and guide you through your learning journey on Empire.Kred.


Connect with people and be genuine. When people know you, they are more likely to support you when you share content. Many have made lifelong friends on here.

12) HAVE FUN! ✓

Remember, Empire Kred is, first of all, a game. So enjoy it!


List of active groups you should consider joining. Get involved by asking questions and joining conversations.

❯ Empire.Kred Tactics & Tech: Official group for tactics and techniques on how to play Empire.Kred.

❯ EAv Gangstas: Member run group also for tips and tricks as well as regular events.

❯ Empire.Kred Leaders: Group for Premium members who purchased the Leaders upgrade.

❯ Sir Rudiger’s Festival of Fun Fan Club: For regular events, games, special missions, sales, news, and FUN!

❯ Here’s a list of all groups. Have a browse and join whichever group is of interest and relevance to you:


Here are some useful links you can refer to when you get stuck.


◇ Getting Started Guide:

◇ Helpful Videos:

◇ General Support:

◇ Premium Upgrades Support: Kred-upgrade-support (for issues with any purchased upgrades)

❯ FAQ’s

◇ General FAQ's:

◇ Stockmarket FAQ’s:

◇ Mission FAQ’s and Tips:

◇ Community FAQ’s:

◇ Upgrades (Shop) FAQ’s:


◇ Stock market Dashboard (Stats etc):

◇ Shareholders List:

◇ Missions:

◇ Guide to Throwing Gifts:

◇ Achievements and badges with share price increases: - (Each milestone gives you a share price increase of the amount shown)


Here is a list of tips that describe various elements of Empire Kred gameplay in a bit more detail:

  1. Maximise the impact of your profile:
  2. Invest in others:
  3. How to “invest smart”:
  4. The best online resources:
  5. Portfolio “diversity” is critical:
  6. Why you should love Gift Missions:
  7. Investment Missions Rock!:

Welcome on board and good luck!

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