We've Soft Launched #creativecoin!

Okay kids, gather around.

It's launched.



So here's the deal. The Scotbot instance is LIVE right now, meaning any creative type of post can use the tag #creativecoin and be eligible for up-votes to receive Creative Coin Crypto (CCC)

The air-drop numbers are properly figured out and we just have a few values to add and we're waiting on one BIG feature to be implemented for the drop. I won't let the cat out of the bag quite yet, but we think this drop will set the standard for future drops. Once we get word that the feature is ready, the drop will commence henceforth and forthwith.

I have placed some Creative Coin Crypto up on steem-engine right now. The correct coin is Creative Coin Crypto. The original Creative Coin was created with way too small of a max supply and is obsolete. So the only official symbol is CCC.


I have posted the white paper at @creativecoin if you would like to check it out.

My brain is fried, the move nearly killed me, but we got this started. Phew. We're not done quite yet, but it's a good start.


creativecoin is live

airdrop is coming once a feature is added
CCC is the symbol on steem-engine
Whitepaper @creativecoin

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Awesome! I am excite to see how this all plays out for the community.


16.07.2019 03:50

You and me both.

16.07.2019 03:54

Oooh I love this graphic!

16.07.2019 04:04

This is sweet! Are we able to use it in our posts?

16.07.2019 14:22

Sure, just make sure to credit me as the designer.

16.07.2019 17:49

Awesome, will do. Thank you! I might resize it a bit smaller if that's cool.

16.07.2019 17:54


16.07.2019 17:55

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16.07.2019 04:02

you cant say no to CCs

16.07.2019 04:20

F* Y'all!

16.07.2019 05:06

This is exciting news!

As a digital creative, I'm looking forward to the success of the project.

Out of curiosity, is there a way to check on airdrop status? I THINK I read a previous post that implied you had to use a creative tag within the past 3 months. I think I probably missed it by a couple weeks, haha. I probably have to go back and look through all my posts...

Or if someone posts a creative tag in the next 24 hours, will THAT be counted?

16.07.2019 05:14

You are on the list!
Hopefully, we can airdrop tonight. Things have been crazy hectic with moving at the same time. We will keep everyone updated with posts though.
And yes, you can start using the creativecoin tag now!

16.07.2019 17:12


I just used the tag on my most recent post.

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16.07.2019 17:18

This is great guys! :)

16.07.2019 11:11

Very good and now artists, musicians, etc., will have their own "tribe" that would allow them to get recognized and appraised with their artistic talents @swelker101 :D

16.07.2019 14:05

Great news... I'll like to know more about the project, I mean, when you say "creative", are you guys going to curate anything related with that? Like creative writing, opinion articles, essays? etc

16.07.2019 16:18

CONGRATS GUYS! Definitely wish I had seen this as I'd have shouted it out in my post today but I will full on evangelize this endeavor on my page and with my tags going forward.

17.07.2019 00:17

i am considering the release of cheezit coin. for your own sanity you might consider buying cookie coin, to prevent this occurrence, as Isaria has told me she will be buying 5 million cheezit coins as soon as they become available. yours truly, the cookie minion.


17.07.2019 00:49

great news. waiting to see what the new feature is 😁

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17.07.2019 03:15

Well done. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

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17.07.2019 06:58

@swelker101 congratulations on your launch. Will be glad if I can know more about it and like to join your discord group and in your Project.thanks

17.07.2019 12:36