SONICGROOVE: The Air-Drop is happening Right Now!

Well, not RIGHT now as I'm typing this, but it's in progress as this post goes up

We're doing this by hand, and it's a slow process

What we're doing for this tribe is a little bit different. We're dropping by hand as staked to a very small group of musicians and audio artists. As these go, we will probably miss a few people. If you are a musician, and don't receive a drop let @isaria know and she can double check your account.

How much of these free tokens do I get?

We're dropping 1k to each account to get you started with curation and whatnot. These are being dropped pre-staked, and that's why we're doing it by hand.

What happened to the tokens on the market?

They're currently off the market. Why? Because we're going to try something a little bit different. There will be no sell wall, what there will be are cheap miners. The more miners you invest in, the more SONIC you'll have the chance to get. This is one way that we can ensure that the pool we set for market actually gets used in the market. We want to reduce waste and honestly a large sell wall that never gets touched is a waste.

Who is on the drop?

Here comes the part where I tag a ton of people and some get angry, some are excited, and some are never going to check.. Anyway: Here's the list:


If you don't see your name on the list, don't fret. Contact @isaria. But first: MAKE SURE YOU ARE A MUSICIAN OR AUDIO ARTIST. Please don't waste our time if you're not.

We will be moderating the SONICGROOVE tag hard and will have no issues with flagging and/or muting accounts.

We're still waiting on the front-end to be ready and will be found at

Thanks! We're looking forward to leading the way for Musicians into the future! We have big plans and look forward to making this platform the place to be for music!

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Awesome! Nice company to be in :) Resteeming to help get the word out

05.08.2019 02:55

Thank you Carl!

05.08.2019 02:56

It's a big honor to be part of such wonderful team! Thank you!

05.08.2019 03:06


05.08.2019 03:11

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05.08.2019 03:21

Thanks! ;)

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05.08.2019 04:07

Thanks so much! @isaria please check these fellow musos to see if they are eligible for the airdrop too: @tormus1958, @sapolasa, @bengy, @michaelcalabris, @savagirl4 and @drugelis.

05.08.2019 04:31

Thanks for letting me know, I'll add them to the list now!

05.08.2019 04:38

And also @laputis.Thanks for the airdrop! Could you check if @laputis also qualifies for it? Although she mostly posts her Pinky and Spiky comics, she is an organist and may post her organ videos as well.

05.08.2019 13:50

Sent her the airdrop! :)

05.08.2019 17:56

Thanks for this!

06.08.2019 15:26

You're welcome!

08.08.2019 21:22

serena??? why my angel not on hier? i dont see zippy either

05.08.2019 04:35

There's a VERY good reason... All will be revealed

05.08.2019 04:38

oki i tink i know,,, i hopes yay!!

05.08.2019 04:39

Sounds like a good idea!

05.08.2019 05:02

More awesomeness from you guys! Kudos on the inclusion great to be part of this, Salute!

05.08.2019 05:30

I run a music curation account @classical-radio at could use the tokens to vote on classical and jazz music. Likewise for @classical-music (run by @remlaps), which was the account that started the #classical-music tag.

Also @musicapoetica and @cmp2020 are two more musicians that you missed.

05.08.2019 05:32

+1 πŸ‘

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05.08.2019 08:23

@isaria . I do musical stuff too

05.08.2019 06:12

There are a lot more musicians on steem than I thought! Awesome! Thanks for the inclusion in the airdrop πŸ™‚

Looking forward to the update regarding mining

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05.08.2019 06:37

What great initiative you guys!! Thank you for the SONIC & for supporting artists <3

05.08.2019 06:47

Fantastic! They're already available in my steem-engine wallet! Thank you very much! :)

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05.08.2019 06:58

Thanks for including me in the airdrop, I would love to learn more about it!

05.08.2019 08:05

Thanks for the Kudos guys!
Love what you're doing here for music!
Much love

05.08.2019 08:58

Right on! Thanks!

05.08.2019 11:34

How about @katrina-ariel ... she's been offline some with tech issues but has a new puter and should be back around soon.

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05.08.2019 11:46

OMG how did I forget about Katrina??😭
Thank you for reminding me Shadows!!!

05.08.2019 13:37

Thank you for thinking of me!

05.08.2019 17:04

Congratulations to All from list!

05.08.2019 13:08

Thank you for including me, sure thing not only i will check and hold and use it, also i will tell @aidarojaswriter to post more and be part of the comunity, some artist need to bring back and new ones to came in!.

05.08.2019 15:34

This is awesome, thanks for inclusion on the air drop. :)

05.08.2019 16:34

Great stuff and glad I am part of it - thanks for all your working to support creative folks here! I hope the front end becomes extremely popular!

05.08.2019 19:09

Thank you.

05.08.2019 19:47

Thaannnk you !!!!

05.08.2019 21:15

Oooh how GROOVY @swelker101 ! LOL! Congrats to all of those who get the Airdrop! I wont be one of them, but I do love music!πŸŽ΅πŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸŽ‰πŸš€

06.08.2019 01:13

giddy up for the giddy ups :) much love an copious hugs :)

06.08.2019 01:25

Nice, I hope that I will be in the airdrop too :)

06.08.2019 04:40

We just need to make 1 song to qualify?

06.08.2019 06:02

Por supuesto que me apunto!

06.08.2019 18:32

@swelker101, Great to know that you are Airdropping specifically and in my opinion it's effective because niche is value. Keep up and good wishes from my side.

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06.08.2019 21:37

Thank you so much man! that's really great :D <3

07.08.2019 19:39

Very mature from your part, sending downvotes to my new project introductions, moreover when we kindly answered all your questions (also just free accusations with no basis), just because others, maybe including you, misunderstood or didn't understand the White Paper and the project's proposal at all.
Moreover when we're airdropping your Creativecoin project account and Isaria's.
I see that like a big lack of respect and empathy but as an example of behavior, we will not do like you and I will not return the flags and you will continue to receive the airdrop, since I received yours.
Greetings @swelker101

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08.08.2019 04:40

I am just a bathroom singer so i will seat and enjoy the show

15.08.2019 10:44