My Favorite Gadget In The History of The World This Week

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I have a ton of gadgets around here, but only one that fits the bill as a favorite right now. That gadget is my Dovpo Topside Squonking Vape Mod.

Wait, what is that?

In a nutshell a Vaping Mod is just a housing for a battery that allows you to heat up a metal element. For this use, the element is wrapped around cotton to help wick Vape Liquid to it which in turn turns the liquid into vapor. That vapor is then inhaled and closely simulates the act of smoking cigarettes.

This device is what allowed me to kick the smoking habit 6 months ago, and they're just about everywhere these days.

What makes this one special?

Well, it's a squonk mod for one. Typically you would drizzle your liquid over the element in this type of set-up, vape until it's gone and rinse and repeat. That can get quite messy, so a squonk allows you to fill in inner bottle with your liquid and lets you give the bottle a tiny squeeze when you need more liquid on the element. This particular model is the first (to my knowledge) that allows you to fill the bottle without having to remove it from the housing. It's quite convenient to fill once and be on my way.

Picture from manufacturer

See? Easy!

The only thing that have an issue with are the batteries that this thing requires. It's a single battery box that can use an 18650 or a 21700 sized cell. Never heard of those? Well, unless you're into vaping, few people have. Fortunately they're easy enough to find on-line, are rechargeable, and tend to last most of the day on a single charge with my driving 60V through it all day.

But are these things safe?

Well, I won't tell you that they're healthy but I can tell you from personal experience that they are better than cigarettes in terms of my ability to breath and no longer smell like a city street. There have been some news articles about these things exploding and injuring people. Like most news, they fail to mention that the ones that do explode are either super cheap OR the people are using what's called a mechanical mod. A mechanical mod has no regulating chip in it to sense and disable the device in case there's a short. Safe battery control with making sure there are no areas where extra metal can touch the batteries go a long way in making sure you keep your face intact.

So that's it, that's my favorite gadget that I'm currently using, which barely beats out the Christmas morning I was able to open an Intellivision home video game console.. But that was nearly 40 years ago now.. So quitting smoking won out.

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I never melted my own face off... quitting smoking for the win!

31.07.2019 00:08

Then you have never lived.

31.07.2019 03:25

Safer than cigarettes is an understatement. Most studies have shown them to be safe. There may be some issues, but they're minor enough that it's not obvious. Even if there are issues that eventually show up though, they are far better than cigarettes and should be continued to be allowed.

I also think they should be allowed in at least some places. Their nuisance is similar to someone wearing perfume. The low nicotine most go down to will not affect anyone around you either, even if a ton of vapers are all in a room. Of course, if there are a ton of vapers, the smell and fog might become an eventual issue.

I usually only vape outside, and lock my device before putting it in my pocket and going in anywhere...but it would be nice if it was allowed in some places, like restaurants. It doesn't leave tar stains like cigarettes, which were allowed in many places for a long time. I don't see why there shouldn't be places where vapers can go and still enjoy a vape while hanging out.

31.07.2019 00:35

It really is an understatement. I know there's a huge witch-hunt happening with teens and whatnot, but the studies that are appearing are showing that this is the most effective way for someone wanting to quit tobacco . And honestly, it feels good to hear people say I smell like cotton-candy now.

31.07.2019 03:24

it feels good to hear people say I smell like cotton-candy now.

Preferably not after biting you.

I know there's a huge witch-hunt happening with teens and whatnot

Thankfully most of the shit gets dropped on the stupid pod systems, which I think are actually sold primarily by big tobacco breaching out into new territory. They're just crap anyway. The world doesn't need more disposable crap filling up our landfills.

31.07.2019 03:31

Yeah, I started with Juul and quickly "upgraded" to a different pod before finally taking the plunge a week after that and getting a real box. That said, Isaria is not a fan of the heat produced and wants to stick to a pod system. I just got her the Lost Vape Orion since it's about as high-end as pods get and honestly, with that DNA chip in it, it's not too bad at all.

31.07.2019 03:36

I started with the pen sized vapes. I kinda miss them, because they almost seemed like they worked better in some degrees. Some of them were a pain to refill, but they didn't leak like so many tanks do. And the ones that had replacement coils didn't cost $5 each. But, the airflow was way worse on pretty much all of them.

31.07.2019 04:36

You should try the pot ones, thc is the best!

31.07.2019 01:04


31.07.2019 01:06

I'm a cigarette smoker who switched to vaping years ago. Those early devices were pretty scary and I've had a few 'burning pocket' incidents.

The top fill on your device looks pretty cool, and mine is pretty easy access too with a half twist at the top of the Uwell tank.

I switched the 2ml chamber for 4ml - these new vapes are real guzzlers!

31.07.2019 06:51

@swelker101, You've brought up something unique gadget, i thought you will talk about the one from the initial picture. 👍

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02.08.2019 11:20