I am posting this from creativecoin.xyz - And... The drop.

One more step completed in our attempt to bring the creative world together. https://www.creativecoin.xyz is live and ready for your posting pleasure.


When you go to creativecoin.xyz, it looks just like every other front-end except for one small detail, the payouts are listed in CCC like so:


Watch these numbers as they will change like crazy as the reward pool increases as well as the stakes of the users.

Speaking of stake.

Unfortunately, it appears the air-drop we wanted to do is not possible as of right now, so we're starting round one of our up to 20,000,000 drop tonight with a bit of a change to how it will be done.

We will be dropping in waves, if you stake, you continue on to wave 2, if you dump, you will not receive further drops in the next wave. If you purchase and stake, you may be added.

The reason we will be doing it this way is because we are here to actually help the community, and not individuals cash out for free. We understand that it is inevitable that dumping will happen but we also think we can stave it off for the betterment of the community as a whole.

We will go up to 5 rounds of drops (maybe 4 depending on how this goes)

Are you ready to create?

I know I'm not. I'm ready for some sleep, but this weekend, I will probably break out the Moog Mother-32 and start making some sounds again.

So thank you for your encouragement and patience this week as we announced a few days ahead of when we wanted to due to seeing rumblings and people asking for an art based tribe. We hope this is exactly what you are looking for.

Oh and as is customary with tribes, we have ourselves a Discord. It's like many other Discords, it has rankings and @banjo to talk to when you're bored and lonely. It also has 50% more me. Which may or may not be a selling point.


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really cunning idea to tie drops to stakes. added incentive for staying the distance and also to find out who is reading and who is not. bet the idea takes off ..

17.07.2019 23:34

{We will be dropping in waves} - that's creative :)

17.07.2019 23:47

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18.07.2019 00:02

We will be dropping in waves, if you stake, you continue on to wave 2, if you dump, you will not receive further drops in the next wave.

Interesting! And smart. Good news for me: this is the platform I want to be an Orcaish fat Dolphin on haha :D Gonna keep an eye on the markets for this one.


18.07.2019 00:13

Alright! Time to start pumping out those new songs, videos, and photograph posts!

Great to see this launched.

18.07.2019 00:28
My brothers and I just finished a track, this is a great reason to release it on STEEM.


18.07.2019 00:37

Probably you can guess already how excited I am about this whole thing. ♥ What a treat for curators .. I can just search this tag and BOOM! If people use the tag properly. People! Use the tag properly, yo!

18.07.2019 01:06

and if you don't get, and don't stage you don't get to wave 2 :)
how was the air-drop done? ,

18.07.2019 01:08

Omgomgomg I can finally showcase my work to the many eyes of creative individuals. Also created into audiobooks.

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18.07.2019 01:19

Awesome. Well done.
Just logged in to take a look. ⚡🐬

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18.07.2019 01:38

This whole tribe thing has me pretty excited, neoxian.city, pal, steemleo, and now this. Fuck.

18.07.2019 01:44

EHRMAGHERD, site looks great, woooot!

18.07.2019 02:14

I will be posting my art on #creativecoin daily.
Hyped a proper community sprouted up for this rather large niche.

18.07.2019 02:18

@swlker101 thats very nice , I have put my first post also. Waiting to post more. And love to join the project as curator.

18.07.2019 05:30

This is nice. I just joined the discord channel.

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18.07.2019 07:54

Wishing you well with your project. Creative suits some of my writing so I will be making use of your incentive and token.. :)

18.07.2019 09:35

50% more Shane to blame... you set yourself up friend :)

18.07.2019 12:24

have these airdrops already taken place? and what are the criteria for them?
Cool topic for a tribe

18.07.2019 13:47

I always find myself somewhere in between creating, supporting fellow creatives and or talking / writing about the creative process. This coin appears at a time when I'm about to get back to both filmmaking as well as starting a podcast on creativity.
I am looking forward to finding out what creativecoin develops into.

Onwards and upwards! :>)

18.07.2019 18:27

Good news for artists that should have a place with like-mined people thta they can feel at home with @swelker101 :D

18.07.2019 20:12

Sounds interesting

18.07.2019 20:23

I love this. I create a lot of things. I'm excited for a specific channel to promote to.
Can't wait to see where this goes.

18.07.2019 22:05

This will be a very interesting community.

19.07.2019 07:32

Amazing features

27.07.2019 18:57

I staked but I delegated to other. will this affects next wave airdrop to me?

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30.07.2019 02:10