Announcing: Sonic Groove Live!

We are as pleased as we can be to announce that @sonicgroove is launching Sonic Groove Live!

We're here to get this platform back up to hosting a successful weekly live music contest!

Get your voices and your instruments ready! Each week, we will be judging and rewarding the best live performances in all things music. Let's look at the genres:

Country? YES!
Rock? YES!
Classical? YES!
Bluegrass? YES!
Acapella? YES!
Native Rain Dance? YES!

As long as it's live, we don't care what the genre is, it's welcomed!

Here are some more small details

We will be using the #sgl tag

We have our judges in place:

With @swelker101 as a special tie-break scenario judge.

Each judge except for swelker101 will receive a weekly stipend staked payment for their judges posts of 200 SONIC and 200 CCC.

  • The prize structure for winning entries is yet to be determined. We do know that Steem, Sonic, and CCC will be part of the structure and further details will be coming with the official launch of the contest. The wizard of @ausbitbank has been generous enough to donate 100 Steem per week.

All further announcements and posts will be on the @sonicgroovelive account.

We're looking forward to having live music contests kicking on Steem again! With the added power of Scot tribes, we feel that we can take this to the next level!

Need more information? Feel free to join us in the Sonic Groove Live Discord!

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19.08.2019 23:41

Awesome news.

FYI - the discord invite doesn't work.

20.08.2019 01:08

"we feel like we can take this to the next level"

we will! this is an absolute new step and im very happy to be part of now as a Judge (:!.

20.08.2019 01:33

Hello, what a joy to see this new proposal, I give a special greeting to the jury that will be part of this, I wish you much success, thank you very much for this new opportunity. a hug with love.

20.08.2019 04:23

What an interesting proposal, have @ danieldedosd2 for your contest, I will tell all my people to activate and apply this contest, a thousand blessings and all the success of the world to that excellent team ...

20.08.2019 06:19

Great initiative! Sharing it everywhere.

20.08.2019 07:16


20.08.2019 13:26

@swelker101 First of all, congratulations for this excellent project! Can you tell if Creativecoin also has a Discord channel? Needed to take a doubt

20.08.2019 15:25

These are good news!

Thank you for reopening the microphones for us. Blessings for all!

20.08.2019 22:08

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21.08.2019 02:10

Well, this is rather interesting news!
How did you manage to talk the steem ghost known as Pechi into being a judge? :-)

21.08.2019 06:52

good move - well done

21.08.2019 16:07


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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22.08.2019 02:23

I'm so excited! And these judges! Couldn't ask for better. ♥ I can't wait till there's a tie so Shane gets to break it :D

22.08.2019 02:24


22.08.2019 05:48

@swelker101, These are awesome steps to boost more Artists and Creativity. Hope that this contest initiative will going to welcome some awesome content or performances. Stay blessed.

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24.08.2019 23:51