CHAIN OF GOODNESS | Feeding Chocolate Porridge (champorado)To The Kids


We are living in a community where lots of families have no permanent work. Mostly they worked in a construction firm and others are jobless and have no enough income that can feed for their children and provide their needs. some are also governments beneficiaries they depend on the government aid.

We love this kids that's why my family always want to have them every time we have special occasions. They are always the first thing on our mind as visitors. There are also weekends that we are not busy we cooked and prepare snacks for them just like porridge or sandwiches and cold drinks.

We have this photo when we cooked (champorado) or porridge with chocolate and milk.

For their snacks today they brought their own utensils so that after they eat they can bring some for their siblings who was not able to come.


We do this feeding from time to time. It doesn't need to be costly knowing kids appreciates little things and give back a wonderful smile on their faces. This is how we extend our help to the community where we live especially this time of pandemic that has not over yet, it is a struggle for the family who do not have a good income.

There's joy in them that after they played they will all be gathered for their snacks . We may not be able to provide their families needs but we just hope with this simple gesture will bring help and joy to them which really brought joy to me and to my family


It is so good to treat children so well, show love, care and respect so that as they grow they will learn and adopt the way how their elders have treated them.

Thank you @steemwomenclub for this contest to spread love and encouragement to be kind and to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for the full support.

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