Steem - Tron merger : If Censorship Reaches Steem, what will you do? Have you taught about contingency plans?

Since Steem (the blockchain) was introduced, I have been skeptical about it's Delegate structure. I hope you understand what PoS is, and how it compares to PoW.

However once you add the Delegate concept on POS, I hope you all saw the risks involved. It's called point of failures or access points.

I personally don't believe that DPoS can remain independent for long. There is too much temptations and ease to take over the network with such structure.

For now I have been proven wrong, but once it happen it's game over.

As you know I was lucky to extract the few steems I earned while it still had value (and before KYC and co destroyed easy exit points).

So what are your plans from a financial stand point (for those having invested heavily in it (I think about you @mepatriot) and those having earned a lot of steems?

And from a freespeech - uncensored expression platform?

There is always the good old Bitmessage (for those interested in having an access point I may check this chan regularly : BM-2cXdFjLb3T9yLUbhu9oyE4RWoaDuBbfb5G or just type informationwar in Add Chan on the Chans tab) (at least try it on a virtual machine, as a back up option).

If you have better solutions, I am all hears open.

Post by the new owner : check Governance

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17.02.2020 10:57

Can't Steem be run on different computers similar to how Bitcoin works where people mine Bitcoin on devices in different countries, right? How many delegators are there? Are they not similar to the Bitcoin miners? Isn't the Steem blockchain decentralized like Bitcoin is? If not, why not upload posts to the other blockchains like Weku, Bear Shares, etc?

18.02.2020 08:43