Does France has to BURN down the huawei FACTORY NOW ?

I believe so, look private chinese build some plants in myanmar, now they believe to rule it.

so rather than face that. burn huawei france plants.

and all in the whole of europe

they can't be trusted

remember it's official state media

I guess for a bribe

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you see @xi it's easy to spew the best narrative in teh world, then it meets reality.

15.03.2021 05:28

@pla @mss so it seems to me appropriate to beat chinese outside of china,... they are COLONS, INVADERS to BE OCCUPIERS BACKED BY THE MAINLAND... cool... I like violence...

you are crossing the line, crossing the border want to rule the world... remember all journey start with a first step...

I understand beating chinese in the usa... I get it.

you will understand your boundaries or die trying to overcome.

15.03.2021 05:34

and do your little show, your little smile, what ever crap you want, this is not china... you will understand, in dead corpses, and no one who kills watch this crap on tv (almost :D).

15.03.2021 05:35