Dear dod, it's not in shame that I write this to you, but in the pride of knowing I was wrong : TIME TO ARM TAIWAN !

1 condition : never ever member of the UNO.

that's it

for the rest your squad only work on goyim americans... aka japan grass feeders unable to absorb, india, disorganize, ready to burn, australia they are nothing, and who is left? in your little band of designed to lose? I don't even know...

ahh you are the 4th one... useless too... look at yourself, uno slave.

but I believe we can push that through your crap !

first nuke, short range, then scale to the full set... first parity ! no need to be many when direct large scale warfare is taken into account !

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there is no way to fight pla on conventional... nukes... mass short range... parity. then extended range... to xinjang... to clear... really big... and of course some mrv for staturation... + all I don't know... deploy deploy . produce deploy produce and deploy... cycle fast... time is short UNO proxy (ccp) is moving fast too... they know what they have to do to regain trust and solve this peacefully.

12.03.2021 22:17