Chinese Penal Law Question : What would happen to the assailant of Alex Lasarev ?

Maybe like me you saw this video :

I will let aside the question of the legality of using a loud speaker in the street of Beijing :) (which I am not a fan of).

However it's not a sub and or over sounds, aka it's normal amplified human voice (with out mind control tricks :)).

I am more interested in the faith of this man :


Have you seen the violence displayed by this individual against a maybe legal violation, but that this human filth used such violence against another citizen is very troubling to me !

So my question is simple, what would happen to it ? 5? 10? 2.5 years of jail?

How can a man losing it all?

that's one of the big mistake I should not make, there are a lot of criminals in china, thanks to the police, mss and ccp to keep things in check.

what a breach of harmony, decency and civility...

but still curious...

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