Brazil vs the world

It's a great pleasure to read Macron having had the courage to call out the "Brazilians". I found the embassador of Brazil to France to be a real piece of shit worthless scumbag.

This son of shits, said that Brazilian ag industry was very competitive. The problem like all the people of the first class, he doesn't want to see what it means.

And rather than rehash the same old, I think there is 4 major class in Brazil.

  1. the ultra wealthy (From Miami to coppa cabana), walled gated communities.
  2. the so called middle class (city not slumps)
  3. slumps warriors + farming slaves.
  4. the unidentified, no data, aka natives

So when this rats come to France and pretend to be like the kings of competitivity he doesn't lie, but only doesn't want to see what it implies...

Concretely : Extracting yields at all costs, be it against the wild life, the forests, the people, what ever, pesticidies, chemicals.

My self I have come to the conclusion, that discussing any issue, is totally irrational and illogical with corrupt entity. I am not interested to use logic and reason against corrupt forces.

I don't say corrupt to not hear, but because it is simple.

Some want food, brazil has land and water. And they don't give a fuck about razing the entire forest. They don't care, they want yield, money, more and more money.

And for them it's their sovereign national right.

I understand.

However, in my world, and I sad, that it's so conflicting with the world of Macron, it only becomes a game of power.

Those people in brazil benefiting, use power against weaker than them. They slaughter natives, the forest, life, spray chems...

and rather than making like great hunter or harvester, it makes them to me, and those who allowed it, be it by fear, comfort of sharing plan, simple preys.

The thing is that the useans are exactly and in the same mindset, or I must say most people on earth. yield.

How to convert, space into yield.

I guess, if females seeked less apples and more love it wouldn't be the case.

But the world is at it is.

Is there really a hope?

I think, by not eating from them.

boycotting brazil, animal feed and products.

that's simple.

however the more excess population is imported from high demographic rate expansion countries, the less the feed problem will be addressable, even in France.

And that's why they have to become nutrients.

I know, this is fucking terrible, but this life.

Those mothers chose to breed and breed and breed, exported the excess population in the quest for yields.

why shall this weight be carried by France rather than their countries of origin?

it's like a boat... when there are too many men at sea, and not enough place (space, food, water, aka reducing survivability), it becomes the task of the captain...

fish feed.

otherwise, it's the malthusian race, ie more and more fragile technology, more leds, more layers of food, more speed in growth until really humans have shell life and used as soylent green...

10billions? 100 billions ? 1 trillions human being in europe?

same for france 100m? 1b? 10B?

and anyway, people always die. fight fight, it comes, and even with a so called infinite life, shit happen, and statistically will, the longer the time frame...

So I know it's too brutal for the blue flower power...

but don't forget when the tractors arrives in traditional hunting ground, they raise it, rape the girls, and kill everyone who didn't flee...

In a sense, it's the problem of the "bad" feudalists vs the "good"... or knights vs kings.

anyway, when the siths arrives, both kings and knights are slaughtered, indiscriminately, no time to waste.

what's interesting in this reflection, is that even with capital and technological deployment, fragility is the price of increasing yield...

and so to please moralists, an intolerable risk start to build around realists, and if reducing it means eliminating the moralists, so be it, more nutrients !

I know, it's brutal and kind of amoral, but Logical, aka the winning side...

and after leaving them at sea to their death, the ship sails, the captain doesn't know if he did the right call, maybe a supply chip full of life supplies will arrives empty of personals... but realistically, how many time did it happen?

ask the oldest guy, aka the parrots, and the answer is never... why?

because the birds would have eaten it all, including the rats, who would have gotten... wood... food !

at the end it's always the same issue... interevene in foreign land while being corrupt at the core meaning that the solution may be even worst than the current situation...

it's so simple at sea, you see them, overbloated, low on supply, to heavy, screaming for help... just sail away... they are already dead, and if they had anything of value they would have been overloaded...

ahhh the captain is wise...

next ship... let's see the seas...

is moral used to hide false hope or super low odds and a form of doubling down? a question for dalio...

anyway, most are too low iq to understand...

and my theory has 2 main outcomes :

1 super virus / pathogen / aka the hypersmall ultra predators
2 then the constant dna change (to fight the constant mutating predator)

  1. it's end in black and white, aka one wins and give the rebirth to the others...

I hope it will not come to that... first it's ionization to breach I guess for pathogen... I think it's still works against life?

ps. I forget to cheer Macron courage on this issue... but how to say... after writing that I am quite hopeless...

they want yield to impress bimbos... they are most so far from reaching the start of diminishing return of more money... me too by the way... that's the thing, insecurity, surviving at the expense of life itself. the doom prophecy :).

nuke plants are a good example... more energy at which costs... it will have to be paid, and risk is a cost unrealized yet... may or may not, but when the realized risk is very shitty life (underground bunker life, is quite not that funny in the long term, specially for those having known otherwise, and I guess sooner or later impossible to maintain for those having known none otherwise (or notherwise :D).

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