Portland Me - Old Port旧港区游记

This is 2nd time we went to Portland Me for vacation. This is the Portland in Maine instead of Oregon. It's a port city.

这是我们第二次到Portland Me度假。这是缅因州的港口城市Portland,而不是俄勒冈州的波特兰。

I'd like to show you here is the old port area that we went. It used to be an industry district where there were many heavily polluted industries like Lead Paint, Coal mining company, etc. Around 100years ago, these companies paid no attention to the environment, they poured heavily polluted wastes directly into the water in the bay, leading to severe environment pollution. In the warm weathers, people dared not to go to the waterfront as it smelled so bad. The eco-system was ruined.

这里要和大家分享的是该城市的旧港区。 过去曾经是一些污染密集的工业区,这里林立着一些使用铅的喷漆厂,挖煤厂等。大约百年前,这些工厂对环境非常不重视,都是直接把严重污染的废物直接倒入港湾中,造成严重的环境污染。在暖和的天气里,人们都不敢去水边,因为海上严重污染,发出难闻的味道,整个生态受到严重破坏。

Luckily, people realized potential long term damage to the eco-system and took actions to clean up and protect the area. Now old port has become so beautiful and lively, the water is clean, the eco system resumed its livelihood.



We walked along the bay coast line, enjoying the breeze and beautiful scene the bay has to offer.





As you can see from the photos, there are many posts in the bay where they were used as landing deck in the old industrial time. We saw some fire burning charcoals on some of the posts. I guess there must be fire not sure when, but it burned down the old deck and left the marks forever on these posts. These posts have been standing in the water for hundreds years, it witnessed the evolvement of the old port, bad and good. Standing here, we have to feel very grateful for the eco-system we enjoy now.


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