Egyptian Style by Kevin Dellinger

Egyptian Style by Suriel3000KD

This is an Egyptian style electronic track from my 7 track EP called "Headroom Seducer." This EP was released in October 2019. Music composed and produced by Kevin Dellinger. Copyright owned by Kevin Dellinger. All Rights Reserved.

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In the early days of his music career (1990s), his music was more alternative sounding like the bands - R.E.M., the Cure, and Depeche Mode. However, through the years of increased technology in computers, recording has become somewhat revolutionary. Because of this transition, his music has now derived into a very original style of electronica and synthpop. Influences were Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim. More modern tracks are a combination of genres including house, trance, electronica, etc.

Thanks to everyone that votes for my tracks. It is well appreciated. Feel free to connect with me on my social network. Peace.

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Comments 13

Nice track. Love that sort of thing.

29.11.2019 17:33

Thank you!

29.11.2019 17:45

Yeah, cool Kev.. Diggin it :)

29.11.2019 23:37

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30.11.2019 05:12

Cool kev , i feel this is so different than the other stuff ive heard from you . loving the percussion / drums . nice to see you back too mate :)

30.11.2019 12:50

Thank you so much. All of you at ACR have been so nice and supportive. It is an honor to be a part of the Fam!

30.11.2019 14:20

Hi suriel3000,

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01.12.2019 13:43

Very interesting the increase of percussion at the beginning. Then the strings and the background sound, as you say, in the Egyptian style. It is fantastic! Excellent! I loved hearing you. A big hello @suriel3000

01.12.2019 23:59

Oh man this is really cool! I am a super huge fan of this kind of melodies, middle east vibes are my thing, I have lots of songs with their scales, epic work on this song mate i really liekd it!

02.12.2019 03:19

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02.12.2019 04:50

Hello Hello!

I really like the rhythm, it's very entertaining and it makes you want to dance and get carried away with the situation

Greetings from Venezuela

02.12.2019 10:52

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On behalf of @curie I thank you for your time and for creating amazing content. Keep up the good work!
Ivan (@curie curator)

06.12.2019 17:21