Out With the J’s and In with the #JAHM

@crypticat just completed his epic trip to Negril, Jamaica. Yes mon,
historic times in Negril and as seen on Reggaesteem. What a wonderful sojourn he has undertaken. Epic in the sense that the very first jahm transactions transpired. He bought everyone a round of beers @miyard and some spices and hot sauce at @iriegiftshop.

From iriegiftshops very first post on Reggaesteem we can witness the vast column of available merchandise that can be exchanged by using the jahm reward token.

Spices, herbs, cigars, shirts, hats
paraphernalia beyond your wildest dreams.

Can’t wait to shop and use jahm there and the many other venues where the jahm accepted here sticker is displayed.

With the recent happenings, #JAHM is making headway as a more conventional means of transaction in Jamaica. Maybe one day jahm will also be accepted at the Hi-Lo supermarket as all this FOMO begins to spread.

So, the featured photo in this very post was taken in the old Ho-Lo Supermarket (I have learned from @donald.porter that the Hi-Lo has since moved locations). Focus on the middle row. It shows a wide variety of jams and jellies that can be purchased and their prices posted in Jamaican J’s. Check out the pallet of colors distributed here.
All designed to ‘catch’ your attention. “Buy me,” they scream.

Brands on display, include:

  • Kendell
  • Grace
  • Eve
  • Hi-Lo
  • Geddy’s
  • Goya
  • Eaton’s

So with all these choices, which one to select? Is it based on brand?
Is it based on presentation? Is it based on price? What a dilemma.
What would I do? Sales lady,
excuse me, need to pick your brain. I’m so confused, how do I choose.
That almost always works.

On my trips I always purchase jars and jars of guava jelly and jams,
and yes jerk seasoning. I like to gift them out to my people. All made
right there in Jamaica, can not
be anymore authentic than that.

The question I leave you with is:

Do you want fries with that hot
spicy jerk chicken?


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An epic trip from the cat for sure. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it as time prevails. Also looking forward to a sojourn ourselves where we can put JAHM to use as well. Way to wrap it all in one with this post


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20.01.2020 18:55

I am happy to know how successful @crypticat and @donald.porter stay in Jamaica was, they took the first step to expand the Jahm into real commerce, success and only success will come for this friendly community.

I would spend a few Jahm in Nutella, I have time that I do not know what it is to taste it, here in Venezuela it is very expensive, may Jahm continue to evolve, blessings.


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20.01.2020 19:39

Lots of products available, I'm not a huge souvenir person, more of a spice and hot sauce guy. I can imagine initial limits imposed on JAHM purchases based on liquidity so make sure you announce any large purchases in advanced. At this point we can't just show up to the shop, drop 100k JAHM and expect a great rate :D

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
21.01.2020 00:18

Had some Guava JAHM last night and thought JAHM is such a good name:)

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
21.01.2020 03:25

Been seldom around this past week, going to dive into crypticats posts asap. Seeing maby ways of spending my Jahm in Negril, haha, the time will come. Stay awesome my friend

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
22.01.2020 07:29