Negril Cliffs and West End Map


One Love Drive aka West End Road,
starts just past the Roundabout, heading westward from the main town area.

It’s a twisting narrow treacherous two lane road that makes its way past all the establishments that line the cliff and roadside venues.

Those venues, similar to the
beach; lodgings, restaurants,
entertainment, activities, and shopping. Although a completely different presentation and atmosphere.

Negril Cliffs and West End Map

The cliff area is a very popular area and I recommend if you’re coming to Negril to spend some of your time here. Most, if not all of the lodging places, are secluded such that it’s privacy personified. Very scenic and a completely different shill....again, when being compared to the beach.

These vibrations are totally independent and unique, providing almost a completely separate experience while being in the exact some town just miles up the West End.


Remember it’s English Driving, so if you’re used to Western Style, you are in for a huge surprise. It’s the opposite. What was left is right and what was right is now left. You must have your wits on maximum alert. Watch out for those red plated route taxis screaming at you full speed ahead...heads up! Look out!

They are on a designated destination and mission, only stopping to pick up and drop off riders. They know every turn and bump in the road. It’s a daily route and after hundreds of times it becomes second nature to them.

Jamacia 2010 119[1873].jpg
Just Leaving the Town Centre heading West on One Love Drive from the Roundabout

Once in awhile a tourist will putt-putt by in their rental. You can tell it’s them, newer vehicle and they’re cranking their necks trying to catch the sites as they crawl by. So again, watch out, they are more dangerous than the red plated taxis believe it or not. They think they know what’s happening but in reality they’re lost wishing for one of s-irie's - irie - maps.


There’s no strolling around at a leisurely pace like the beach. If you are venturing out walking you need to be vigilante. Traffic zooms.

Road has been there forever.
Do you think there’s a sidewalk... Hell no there's not. This is Jamaica!

Steven Jamaica 2014 543[1875].jpg
Narrow Road, no sidewalks, between Three Dives and Ricks Cafe

NOT HAPPENING! You are constantly skipping from an off the road path and the road pavement, back and forth as traffic allows. Vehicle very quickly scoot off road.
Be o’ so careful. Mirrors inches from your body.

Careful around 6pm, tour buses galore traveling One Love Drive from the all-inclusive resorts making their presence known. Chasing the sunset at Ricks. Lining the road and taking up space as if there's enough going around.


If you are going to Negril, it is my humble advice to split up your precious time. Depending where your head is at. It’s either beach first or cliffs first, flip a coin. Either way, it's an irie experience.

But definitely need to spend time at both. It’s ultimate shill via cliffs verses ultimate extra personified vibes coming from the 7-Mile.

See you in June at JAHMfest. Meet Me and @conradsuperb at Ricks, I'll buy you a Red Stripe


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@super-irie i love these type of environment because it is clean and i also love the trees around it,i love natural hair so if i stay in such an environment i would do alot of outdoors,thanks for sharing the information about this wonderful place...

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05.02.2020 09:55

would def need to make time to do both

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
05.02.2020 11:57

I’ve experienced both.
Like beach for freedom
of movement.

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05.02.2020 12:07

i think that is what i would prefer as well

05.02.2020 12:20

@super-irie this information you have shared is really going to be very useful for anyone who lives in jamaica or would want to visit jamaica someday...great one from you...

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05.02.2020 12:07

Friend @super-irie you as always showing us the wonders of Jamaica and making those of us who see your posts fall in love with it and want to visit it.

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05.02.2020 13:59

Vibrations are irie, super

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05.02.2020 15:01

Real talk...Cliffs or Beach!

05.02.2020 18:33