Meet LeRoy the Rasta

He joined us out of nowhere one night. We were having dinner at the Jamaican Tamboo (J.T.) on the seven-mile, famous for their homemade pizza pies. Not an ordinary pie either, but a very special one - a lobster pizza. Man, nothing quite like it.

Jamaica 2014 196.jpg
LeRoy di Rasta

Jamaica 2014 063.jpg
Lobster pie

So with @conradsuperb and his best friend, Scuba Steve. Out of nowhere, here comes LeRoy walking the beach. He walks up the steps to J.T. and joins at the table. Just to chill. No special reason. He just wanted to talk. He was a bit blasted at this point from all the Magnums he had drank that night.

magnum 2.jpg

We ate, we talked, we vibed. LeRoy was another bubbling character and Jamaican personality. I stepped aside for a minute to ask for the bill, then headed next door to the Bourbon Beach (B.B.), and got a couple more Magnums for a cheap price. Jamaica Tamboo was conveniently located right close to the B.B.

Jamacia 2010 010.jpg

I came back and gave the Magnums to LeRoy. That really got him going. A tourist buying him a drink (two actually). Now he was literally glowing at this point.

LeRoy had some long natty dreadlocks and he joined us for dinner. I leave you with the most perfect song that fits this irie story, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Black Uhuru.

IMG_0381 2.JPG
Check out those natty dreadlocks! Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - it's Le-Roy

Enjoy & Always Respect,


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Good vibes that of Black Uhuru, that drink is like the REdBull? Beware of the heart for so much vitamin.

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11.01.2020 21:28

This bredda was a character for sure. Very genuine natured like most everyone we meet on the seven-mile

Respect !!

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11.01.2020 23:09

🔥🔥🔥 That’s the perfect song for this occasion 🤣. Easy with the magnums fellas. Magnum is one of the best selling items on my site now.

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12.01.2020 03:06

I started drinking a few the
longer we hung out.

Went to Hi-Lo
and purchased at the cheap.
Size of bottle provided
easy access to
reggae concerts
on The BEACH.

So tell me cost of
Magnums in the real world.
Cough syrup personified.

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12.01.2020 03:24

interesting to meet LeRoy your bubbly character of Jamaican personality. good photographs I was curious the tonic Magnums must be an excellent natural cleanser Jamaicans are very inclined towards medicine and natural food greetings thanks for sharing ..

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12.01.2020 18:57