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I cross my heart
And hope to die
Stick a needle
In my eye
Wait a minute
I spoke a lie
I never really
Wanted to die

Cross my Feet and Hope to Fly by @sheskates926 has a staccato rhythm that perfectly matches it's message. I love the way she plays with cliche.

A dream crawls
beneath the bark
and a whisper stirs
in the leaves.

Like Green Fruit by @jmvanbreda is such a gorgeous, brief piece. I love the personification.


I don't know what else I can do. I've opened my petals. I'm exuding my most powerful fragrance. And yet they pass by.

Where Is Everybody by @pokerm is a flashfiction piece that also features personification in a fun, new way.

Whisper sweet sleep to overcome:
she drowns in meadowflower wine,
the sugared insulin
and the track marks of time.

When Angels Collide and Bang Their Heads by @deesunshine is a stunningly gorgeous poem with imagery to die for.

Broad markets
Tormented by light fingers and
The raiders out
For tributes and taxes.

Bless the Night Moon by @h-unit is a beautiful slice of life poem that makes use of juxtapositon and alliteration.


art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics

Graphics are sourced from their respective posts
Reflections by Sunravelme

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18.10.2019 03:34

Hi @sunravelme!
It's a good selection of creative writing,
I extend my congratulations to each of the
authors for sharing their valuable material.
I personally loved the poem
from @ sheskates926, really heartbreaking
with images and phrases well achieved!

"My heart is open
For tonight
Although my lips are sealed
And a promise is true ... "

This phrase is great ...
Good luck to the writer!

18.10.2019 14:58

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