"The Diary Game Season 3 (May 25, 2021) | Swimming in the morning"

Hello Steemians and all Filipinos have a pleasant day.

I am proud to say that Philippines do have amazing seashore that is captiving enough, that one will be bewitched everytime they came near it. That includes me and my son.

This early morning... Swimming in this eye catching horizon feels like very relaxing.

My son dreams to have swimming every morning if possible. He will go very energetic. Waking up around 4:30AM to prepare for a quick swim before starting our day, that is how excited he is.

He smile generously after the circumcision, shows how he love to swim.

It amaze me how this rock and slippery seashore always feels like so refreshing and inviting. Especially the warm sea breeze in a humid day.

I hope everyone can have this peaceful and joyful moment every morning to start there day.

I wish to share this wonderful feelings to @bellekiss-31, @irishjean29, @seo-boss, @bhem80, and to all the people to inspire.

Live life to the fullest while paying attention to safety..

Truly yours,
Sundae Nunez

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