Precious Metal as a Store of Value


This is for you, yes, you. If you're anything like me you are out there hustling everyday. In your office, out in the field, at home trying to keep the kids fed for a minute you're working it for a buck and the promise of a better day, or at least a not terrible day.

One way I try to keep that promise of a better day in sight is by investing in physical silver bullion like this

This is an ounce and a quarter of .9999 pure silver minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.

It is a store of value for me. I choose to take the $22 USD in my wallet and hold it in the form of silver for another day.


I am more confident holding my small savings in a physical asset like precious metal then in the paper $$ printed up by various governments around the world.



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11.11.2019 02:43

Those Canadian rounds are just stunning. The effect of parallel lines over the silver surface creates some really interesting effects.

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11.11.2019 03:52

Indeed @ironshield, The RCM nailed it with this coin.

12.11.2019 16:26

1 1/4 oz....? That seems odd.

11.11.2019 04:30

Yeah, the Royal Canadian Mint mints some odd sizes. In addition to the 1 1/4 they mint a 3/4oz coin. The 1 1/4oz are the same diameter but just a little bit chunkier. Pick one up if you get a chance.

13.11.2019 00:41

Solid Beautiful Silver my friend!!
I love this.....and .9999...and one and 1/4 Oz !!!
Monster Silver round!!!πŸ˜€

11.11.2019 06:39

Yeah, this thing is awesome @silvertop!

13.11.2019 00:42


13.11.2019 04:16

That is one nice round!😁 Buffalos are one of my favorite to collect . I might just have to go look for this one. Thank you for sharing!

11.11.2019 06:41

That’s a good buffalo. Canada does great animal coins.

11.11.2019 06:48

I have been meaning to put a little bit in precious metal but I still think crypto has a better chance of increasing although I'll admit it's higher risk. Sensible to spread investments around different asset classes although FIAT looks worrying with so much being printed and negative interest rates!

Have a !BEER

11.11.2019 07:35

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11.11.2019 07:35

Yeah, a little precious metal in your portfolio is good and you get to hold it and stare at the shiny. :)

13.11.2019 00:44

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11.11.2019 07:49

That is a beautiful coin!

11.11.2019 17:36

Thansk for sharing and have good day!

11.11.2019 23:21

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14.11.2019 03:31