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How to tip with Brave and BAT -or- Is there a 2020 steem silver round in the cards?

There has been lots of talk about the Brave browser here recently and their integration of the Basic Attention Token (BAT). As a Brave user, one is able to opt-in to ads and get paid in BAT to view those ads. There are many posts about this so if you are interested in getting paid to browse then check those out.

I am here today though to talk about tipping with BAT through the Brave browser. This is something I had not done until today and as you can see above I tipped the website.

I was in the SteemSilverGold discord this morning and saw @senstless & @raybrockman discussing this subject and it got me interested. Ray mentioned that any BAT tips sent to the website will be used to offset the cost of a possible 2020 Steem Silver Round! WHAT!? I figured after the 2019 edition that a 2020 edition would not be likely however, with the turn in the crypto market it seems there may be a chance now.

So, if you have the Brave browser and a couple of BAT tokens, why not tip one to the website?

When you get to the steem round website just click the BAT logo (red triangle) and you will get this little drop-down window.

From there you can send a one-time tip AND set up a recurring monthly tip.

If you want to see your tip history and recurring tip list just open a new browser window and tap "learn more" in the little Brave rewards box on the right of the page.

That will take you to the Brave Rewards settings page

From there just scroll down to see your info.

So if you have Brave and you want to support a 2020 steem silver round then you know what to do, you know what to do...

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